Tips for Making a Simple and Unique Home

The place where we live and settle, take refuge from the influence of nature around us, and also the place where we rest ourselves after being tired of doing daily activities.
Home is also the place where most of our activities take place. We eat and drink in the house at any time. We also sometimes work and play with family in the house.
As a place to stay, do various activities, and rest, home of course has several important functions.
• Where we take refuge from the influence of nature around us.
• Resting place after activities throughout the day.
• Permanent housing where we also carry out activities.
Right now, even though there are so many homes ready for habitation built by the developers, still some people still prefer to build their own homes, of course with their individual tastes.
Before you start building your own dream home, there are a few tips that you should pay attention to before building your simple home, which will be reviewed below regarding tips on making a simple home.

1. Location of Land and Buildings
The first tip for those of you who want to make or build a simple house is to determine the location of the land and buildings where you will make or build your residential house.
Houses as a place you live and live must and must be built in the right location and land to avoid possible hazards that could occur when the process of making a house is underway.
Before making a house, you also must first complete some conditions, so that later the house that you make or build does not experience problems later on, whether the problem is related to the land or building of your house.
• Know how to make land and building certificates for your home.
• Know the procedure for making a home certificate from AJB.
• Determine the location of the house.
• Determine the land where the house will be made.

2. Determine Design
The second tip for those of you who want to know how to build a simple house or how to make a minimalist wooden house is to determine the design and also the model of the house that will be where you live.
House design can be a luxury house with a floor consisting of 1 or 2 floors. It can also be a minimalist home that is comfortable and also simple. However, it’s good if you make a house with various types of minimalist home designs.
Why do you have to make a house with a minimalist home design? There are several advantages that you can get by building a minimalist home.
• Minimalist home designs of various types with many sources and more diverse models.
• Does not take up a lot of funds in making it.
• Time for making a house that is relatively faster.
• Use of ingredients in building fewer houses.
• More comfortable and clean from negative energy.
How to Arrange a Simple Minimalist Home is very easy and simple. Because, minimalist homes do not need to require a lot of furniture and furniture because it will take place and space. This type of minimalist house is simple and modern. It is a lot of people’s choices to build a house.

3. Determine the Door
The third tip for those of you who want to make or build a simple house is to determine the type of Minimalist House Door that will be used in your home.
Today, there are many types of house doors that have been provided to make your simple home. There are those who make sliding doors from plywood, there is also a minimalist glass aluminum door, and there is also a Sliding Door Design where the way to make sliding doors with wood material is designed with space saving.
Determining the door of the house when making a house is very important, especially determining the Type of House Grill because the function of the door of the house itself is also very important for your home.
• As a barrier between rooms in the house.
• As access to exit and enter from and / or into the house.
• As a place for air and light to enter