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Prevent Mosquitoes, Protect Your Family

Prevent Mosquitoes, Protect Your Family

With the rise in mosquito-related illnesses, controlling the mosquito population at home is becoming increasingly more important. If you take a good look at your home and yard, you may quickly find several places that could harbor mosquito larvae. Destroying mosquito breeding grounds along with an insecticide treatment or all natural mosquito treatment should be enough to keep the mosquito population down so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquito eggs need to be kept moist to hatch into larvae. There are several different species of mosquitoes. Some that must lay their eggs in standing water and others that can lay their eggs on any moist surface. Either way, removing standing water from your property eliminates places for mosquitoes to hide their eggs.

Standing water can be found in:

old tires
trash cans
-over turned lids
-bird feeders
-yard art

Dumping out the water and scrubbing the item removes a viable place for mosquitoes to leave their eggs. Even after dumping out containers, periodically recheck your yard and the surrounding area because small items like a planter plate can harbor enough water for mosquito eggs.

Insecticide Treatments

In addition to removing standing water, treating with an approved insecticide will kill or repel adult mosquitoes before they can lay eggs. Mosquitoes like moist places and you simply can’t eliminate all of them. For ongoing problems, a professional treatment every two to three weeks may be necessary to keep mosquitoes at bay. Professional treatments can repel or kill ticks and other pests as well.

For those that may be nervous about spraying chemicals around their home every few weeks, there are other options. An all natural mosquito treatment could be the right choice for you if you have young children or pets that frequently use your yard.

All-natural treatments perform well, and they:

-use distilled essential oils in combination with a surfactant
-repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers, gnats, flies, spiders, and some ant species
-reduce pests by 60-85%
-Getting rid of mosquitoes doesn’t require you to expose your family to unwanted chemicals.

Inside Your Home

Another important step in mosquito control is to prevent them from entering your home. Check all windows and screens for holes or tears. Just as outside the home, dump out any standing water in plants, bathrooms, or elsewhere. Keep doors and windows closed unless they have a screen.

With the right preventative measures, you can keep mosquitoes under control so you can enjoy the outdoors and your home.… Read More

What is the best way to clean a chopping board?

What is the best way to clean a chopping board?

Whether you’re a professional chef or simply an amateur who only cooks for the family, chopping boards are one of the most essential pieces of kit for your kitchen.

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Wooden or plastic, they are invaluable for protecting your worktops and ideal for providing a level, strong surface on which to chop all manner of foodstuffs.

However, do you know the best way to clean your boards, and are you aware of the potential dangers of not cleaning them properly?

The dangers

Dirty chopping boards are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, so can pose a health risk if not thoroughly cleaned.

According to the NHS, a typical chopping board is contaminated with around 200% more faecal bacteria than a toilet seat. Every kitchen surface is more likely to contain more harmful bacteria than anywhere else in the house, due to the fact it is used to prepare food – much of it raw.

Certain bacteria cause illnesses, which can be serious, particularly in the elderly and young children, so it is essential to prevent their spread if at all possible.

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What to do

Hygiene experts say it is best to use separate chopping boards for different types of food – for example, red meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. This will help prevent cross-contamination.

Cleaning chopping boards with ordinary dishwashing cleaner and hot water is probably not going to be enough to kill most bacteria off.

Instead, if they are dishwasher safe, the very best clean they can have is in the dishwasher. In restaurants and hotels, this means using commercial dishwashers, such as those available at

The intense heat (you should use a programme of 65°C or hotter) plus the thoroughness of the clean, will ensure your chopping boards emerge both spotless and hygienic.

Wooden boards will not be dishwasher safe, so why not invest in some plastic ones instead?

If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can soak your boards in bleach after each use, although do be careful to rinse it off completely. You can also use antibacterial wipes to clean your boards, although again, ensure they are thoroughly rinsed afterwards. Using boiling water for this will help sterilise your boards.

Finally, never dry your chopping boards with a tea towel, as this will transfer bacteria. Use disposable paper towels instead.… Read More

Durapine Exotic Imported Wood Flooring

Durapine Exotic Imported Wood Flooring

Although it is not easy anymore to obtain solid quality wood, until whenever the wood will continue to be in demand, especially for the needs of the house and architecture of the building. Therefore DSL Wood, a distributor of wood and veneer (plywood), offers Durapine, a brand of floor apps and a quality wooden fence. The wood is southern yellow pine of yellow pine from the Americas. “This type of wood is yellow like pine wood, is very hard and is commonly used as wood frame house in America,” said Benny Dwijono, Sales Manager DSL Wood. Before feasible, wood is specially treated to obtain the power of a qualified product.



The wood is treated through a cylinder engine equipped with a safe Copper Azole and a vacuum device. Copper Azole is a water-based wood preservative to prevent mold decay and insect attack. If you want to see more wood floor you can visit Reclaimed Flooring Company The hydraulic pressure inside the engine presses the preservative into the wooden layer. After preservatives spread evenly across the wood, then the vacuum works to dry the wood. Out of that process, wood will be termite free. Finally the wood is polished with a white brush to keep the veins out. In America any logged timber should be replaced by planting new tree seeds to keep the forests sustainable.

Durapine can be applied to exterior floors such as decking, poolside floors, backing poles, railings, and wall cladding besides fences. Its strong and exotic look on each panel makes the house decorated Durapine look warmer and natural. The panel has a thickness of 25 mm, a width of 14 cm and a layer length of 3-4.8 m. The price starts from US $ 1,630 / panel excluding installation. DSL Wood also provides ThermoPine, a brand of floor and other wood fences with relatively equal strength but lighter than Finnish scandinavian pine wood species aged 60-80 years. Through the process of heating up to 212 degrees Celsius, the wood is also slightly yellow color can be made stable and not curved. Because it is lighter, the product is suitable for the facade of the house or arranged as a space divider. Can also for indoor and outdoor floor applications. Sized with Durapine, ThermoPine sells from US $ 1,695.… Read More

Know what is informatics

Know what is informatics


Informatics and Computer Science

Informatics is one branch of science that is wide enough because it is almost covering and related to various things about this life, where the collection of informatics discipline includes science and techniques that specifically process the data into information by utilizing optimally possible information technology or computer.

In the world, the term Informatics derived from the French Informatics, which in German called IT. In fact, this word is synonymous with the term computer science in the United States and computing science in the UK. For more information about IT you can see on

In defining the term informatics, according to Philippe Dreyfus (1962) and l’Academie Francaise (1967) which defines the informatics as follows:

A collection of discipline and engineering discipline that specifically concerns the transformation / processing of the “Symbolic Facts” (data / information), which primarily uses the facilities of automated machines / computers.

In English has a slightly different meaning, namely more emphasis on aspects of information processing in a systematic and rational.

When viewed thoroughly from the understanding of informatics above, the logical and systematic approach is a dominant feature of Informatics, considering that the approach is key in terms of obtaining solutions in solving various problems.

In principle this science is more emphasized how a data and information can be processed in such a manner with the help of automated technology.

The automated technology is not just in one machine, but can involve multiple machines. This machine is more commonly called a computer. Computers as the main ingredient in the field of science has a very high role, so Informatics simply peeled from how the machine can work, how a data processed in a way understood by the machine while the information is understood also by humans, to how the machine is able to communicate With other machines.

Computer Science

In general, Computer Science, better known by the name Computer Science (CS) is a science that studies about computing, both hardware (hardware) and software (software). As a discipline, Computer Science is different from computer programming, software engineering and computer engineering, although the three terms are often misunderstood.… Read More

Awesome Ways to Give Elegance to Your Dining Area

Awesome Ways to Give Elegance to Your Dining Area

How can you make your dining area look beautiful and elegance without spending a fortune? Well, obviously to receive guests over a meal or during a occasion at home every homemaker just likes to give a few touches to their old dining area and mend a few things to make the dining area look tidy, elegant and inviting. That is quite expected and normal and the best way to do it is to replace a few furniture pieces or just by giving a complete makeover to the interior furnishing.

Undoubtedly the furniture for your dining area needs an altogether different approach from the living room furniture. Among the many proven ways we can suggest a few that can give your dining area a quick facelift.

  • Make The Place Colourful

A drab dining area just make all your efforts of making the interior beautiful futile. On the other hand careful interplay of colours in furniture and furnishings give the place it’s deserving lustre. Question is, where from to start when trying to make the place colourful with eye catchy shades? First of all you should ensure proper contrast with the wall paint. A light yet pleasing wall paint contrasted with colourful furniture can be the reliable way to go. Colourful dining chairs contrasted with elegant and dark furnishings and light hued wall paint, these are some of the joining dots to make your effort a successful one.

  • Browse A Wide Collection Of Modern Furniture

When it comes to making the perfect choice for dining room furniture most people just do not justify their entire effort with the right way to browse and shop. If you are in UK we suggest you to buy furniture online UK shops are offering with a wide collection to allow you finding your choice invariably every time. By allowing yourself exposure with the inexhaustible online collection across the web stores you can always find the ideal buy at an affordable rate. You can always find furniture that beats your expectations and offer you look and feel that you never knew can do such wonder in your dining area. This is why if you want to experiment or just embrace an out of the box idea, hit the web stores first.

  • Make It Clutter Free And Simple

If you ask me the secret of any great interior whether for dining space or living area, I would always mention the importance of being simple, straightforward and free of visual clutter. Your dining space should look stripped of all unnecessary elements while achieving the elegance with just a few pieces of furniture and delicate touches with furnishings and arrangement of things.

 … Read More