Steps to Prepare for the Custom Home Design Process

Building a custom home from the ground up may be a project that you have eagerly looked forward to for years. Now that you have decided to move forward with turning your dream home ideas into a reality, you may be ready to reach out to a custom home design team. You may think that the first step is to research home design companies available in your area, but this is not the case. There are several preliminary steps that you should take before you contact design companies if you want to enjoy a smoother process with an end result that lives up to your expectations.



Understand Your Budget

Your home design can range from very basic to truly luxurious. Your personal preference and sense of style may impact this to some degree, but your budget will also be a major limiting factor. One of the first questions that a design company will ask you about is your budget. If you want to build a larger home on a budget, you may need to opt for less expensive finishes. Your designer needs to know how much money he or she has to work with so that he or she can tell you how realistic your plans are.


Define Your Needs

You may have incredible design ideas for your space, but at its most functional level, your home needs to meet your basic needs. A smart idea is to determine the types of rooms that you need and the minimum dimensions that will work well for your family. Think about storage space, if you plan to entertain and more. After you have defined your specific needs, determine which features you prefer to have in your home. Rank these preferences in terms of priority or importance.


Think About Materials and Style

Many people who design a custom home have a solid vision in their mind of what the finished project will look like. For example, you may dream about having a stone fireplace with wood floors in the living room. The cost of materials varies substantially. Your designer can create a home plan that takes into account average costs for the types of materials that you want to incorporate into your space.

When you walk through these preliminary steps and meet with a custom home design company, there is a chance that the designer may tell you that all of your needs and wants cannot be accomplished with your limited budget. Your options are then to wait until you have more money available, to purchase a more affordable lot or to trim back your needs and wants. When you take these preliminary steps up-front, you have the ability to determine the best course of action based on your desires and goals.