Make Sure Your Project Is Clearly Defined

Before you begin talking to remodeling contractors for bathroom renovations Falls Church VA, you should first look through remodeling magazines, go to retail stores and showrooms to check out products and materials and go online and research materials and designs that you are interested in. If you can provide the contract with some idea of what you would like your finished project to look like, then you can get a more accurate estimate on the cost and time needed to complete your bathroom remodel.


Ask For Recommendations And Research Contractors

Speak to family, friends, and neighbors to see if they have any bathroom remodeling contractors they can recommend. You can also look for directories and lists of contractors. Also, read consumer reviews online about contractors’ work.

Verify References

When you speak with potential contractors, request customer references from their recent projects. Contact these customers and find out if they were satisfied with the contractor’s work.

Get Written Estimates

Obtain three written estimates at least that define the project clearly and specify the materials that are going to be used. When you have a written estimate you will recourse in case there is a problem.

Check The Licenses

Licensing requirements vary from one city and state to the next. Verify that the contractor holds the appropriate licenses from the appropriate agencies. Bathroom remodeling works frequently requires plumbing and electrical work – which are two trades that are most often regulated – so be sure to hire a legitimate, qualified professional.

Verify Bonding And Insurance

Ask the contractor for proof of bonding and insurance. Take the time to call the bond or insurance company to verify that their policies are paid up and active.

Set A Budget And Payment Schedule

For a majority of bathroom remodeling projects, typically you can expect to pay around 10 percent of the project’s total value as a deposit. Never pay in cash or pay more than one-third of your project’s total cost as a deposit. Also, be aware that with bathroom remodeling, contractors often find hidden problems. So you should add an extra 10 to 20 percent to your remodeling budget to be safe.

Read The Fine Print

Go over all of the details of your contract, and make sure you know how change orders are going to be handled. Make sure there is a lien waiver in the contractor that covers payments to subcontractors. Also, make sure you don’t sign blank contracts.