Which Fence Material Should You Choose?

Do you dream of a home with a white picket fence? There is something about a fence that makes people feel safe and comfortable. Maybe you have children or a dog that wants to be outside all the time. Maybe you have nosey neighbors and are looking for a little privacy. Once you decide to add a fence to your property, the next step is deciding what type of fence to purchase. Wood fences and vinyl fences are the most popular choices.


In this category, vinyl fences shine. They require little to no maintenance. Mildew may form on the surface of the fence. This can easly be cleaned with a power washer. Wood fences need to be cleaned and treated regularly. Depending on where you live, wood staining Los Angeles CA is needed every one to three years.


Wood fences are cheaper to purchase and install. If you have a large area to fence in, then wood may be the better option. However, there will be maintenance costs that add up over time. Vinyl fences have a larger upfront cost, but little to pay for afterwards. They also last longer. If you plan to live in your home more than 15 years, then a vinyl fence will hold up until it’s time to sell.


Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, but most people prefer the appearance a wooden fence. They give a warm, traditional look to the yard. Vinyl fences have been described as plastic looking and are not as solid. Eventhough vinyl fences cost more, they give a cheaper impression.


Wooden fences are subject to termites, decay and fungus. Routine maintenance does deter most of those issues. Vinyl fences aren’t harmed by pests or rot, which makes them more durable. However, harsh weather will beat up either kind of fence. Wooden fences are made from solid materials and will withstand high winds better than a hollow vinyl fence.