What Buyers Really Want to See When They Visit Your Home

What Buyers Really Want to See When They Visit Your Home

Homeowners tend to make long lists regarding all the items they want to tackle prior to listing their homes for sale, but there are a few things on that list that might not make as much difference as others. While all homeowners should de-clutter, clean, and present their home in the best possible light, it’s not the things you might think are important that prospective buyers are checking out. It’s the little things you’re not thinking about that sometimes make the biggest difference. This website can help you learn what you should focus on prior to selling your house if you really want to make the biggest impact.

The View

Believe it or not, most buyers are more than a little interested in the view even if you don’t think you have one. Obviously, if you have a beautiful waterfront view, it’s time to play that up when you list your home. If your view is just of your backyard or even the people next door, it’s still important. If the neighbor’s home isn’t exactly beautiful, now is a good time to plant some trees or add a fence so it’s blocked from view. If the back yard is a mess, clean it up and add some landscaping so buyers see the pretty view from all angles. It’s important to them.

Storage Spaces

Your closets and other storage areas are more important than almost anything else. While you’re probably tempted to clean up what’s in plain view of your guests when they enter the house, don’t do it by shoving things in cabinets and closets. Do it by organizing your home, because buyers want to check out how much storage space you have. It’s not a good idea to distract them from the space with all your clutter, so keep it clean and simple.


Did you know many buyers look more at the ambiance and atmosphere in a home than anything else? Throw some fresh flowers in a vase and put them on the table by the bed, on the kitchen island, and on the fireplace. Throw a few candles into the mix to make the house smell good. If you know you have a showing in the afternoon, bake something delicious and leave it cooling on the counter while you’re out for the viewing. The smell of fresh baked goods makes a house feel more like a home, and buyers love that.

It’s also helpful to dim the lights so the house is still bright but not in an overwhelming manner. Open the windows for more natural light, play soft music on the speakers, and make your house feel like a home.

You can do all the prep you want when you sell your home, but it’s these little things that make life so much easier for you when you go to sell. Knowing what buyers want, what they’re looking for, and what makes the biggest difference to them is all it takes to make a sale in many instances.


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