Tips for a Seamless Move

Preparing to move is all about planning and organization. Parse the daunting task into bite-sized pieces by following these tips.

Start Early

There is nothing like getting time on your side. That means that at the first whiff of an impending move, start gathering household moving equipment Hopkins MN and make a plan. Even though the move may be months away, you never know when you’ll find yourself with a free afternoon. Having the boxes and packing material handy means you can put your time to good use.

Start Easy

Collectibles and pictures go first. They provide your house warmth and personality, but they aren’t necessary for daily living. Move on to the least used rooms of the house such as the guest room or dining room. If possible, put the kids together in one room and pack up the other rooms. During a move, everyone gets inconvenienced at some point. Going without your own space or all your things is just part of the process.

Pack Smart

You will always need more boxes than you think. You will also always need bigger boxes. You eventually run out of little things to pack, and you must move on to awkward pieces like lamps and exercise equipment. Keep your bathroom scale out and try not to overpack. Stick with a 30 lb. weight limit. Yes, you can get a whole bunch of books in a single box. No, you shouldn’t pack them that way just because you can.

Keep Track

A simple way to keep your boxes organized is by using different color markers for each room. Instead of trying to write “kitchen” on all sides, just draw corner-to-corner slashes on the box. Keep a color-coded list of what color goes with what room. You will be much happier later if you write a quick inventory of what’s in each box and tape it on the outside.

Moving is a pain, but you can make it easier. Don’t wait so long to start packing that everything gets thrown willy-nilly in boxes. Organization is key.