Revamp your home with these cool flooring ideas

Revamp your home with these cool flooring ideas

We spend so much time choosing furniture and paint colours for our homes that our floors often get neglected. Modern flooring is more than just a choice between wood or carpet, so check out these alternatives which could add real style to your interior.

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Funky tiles

While most of us associat tiled floors with kitchens and bathrooms, they can also be a great alternative to carpet in a bedroom or living room. Perfect for warm homes as they are cool underfoot, they are easy to clean and come in a wide variety of finishes and colours. Choose from ceramic or glass tiles for a sleek, polished look or travertine tiles for a warm and cosy feel. If you like the mediterranean look, go for clay.

Go industrial

Concrete doesn’t just have to be for industrial warehouses, as its smooth and sleek look can add drama to most homes with a modern décor. You can choose to have a matte or polished finish depending on the look you want to achieve and sit back in the knowledge that this type of floor is quick and easy to maintain.

Sophisticated hardwood

There is something beautiful about solid wood flooring, which has a natural and sophisticated look and comes in a variety of shades and styles. Get advice and ideas from a company such as


Lino has come a long way since the 70s and is now becoming the latest choice for those looking for chic flooring. It is highly durable and, according to The Independent, has outstanding eco credentials as it is made from linseed oil, resin from pine trees, wood flour and limestone, and it is biodegradeable.


Not just a snack for pandas, interiors experts are going mad for bamboo because of its durability and stylish look. It’s also popular with those who are environmentally aware, as it is more eco-friendly than hardwood but just as sturdy.


Like bamboo, you may not have thought of putting cork down on your floor, but this versatile material is another eco-friendly option which also looks great in any room. No trees have to be chopped down to make it, as the bark of the cork tree is used. Once treated and stained, cork is warm underfoot, which makes it ideal for those used to carpet.

Numerous expert have been utilizing floor polisher machine  for stone rebuilding and rock and marble floor cleaning. Being a multi-practical apparatus, floor machine is gone for playing out various capacities identified with floor covering support. In addition, it can work on any ground surface. To pick the hardware that meets your prerequisites best, think why you require it.

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