Outdoor Home Improvement Ideas for the Summer Season

Outdoor Home Improvement Ideas for the Summer Season

Every home owner would like free home improvement, landscaping help, tree cutting services, fence building, or anything else raising the value of their homes. Unfortunately, many home improvement tasks are expensive, time-consuming, and require healthy helpings of physical exertion.

Sprucing up homes’ outdoors is more likely to appeal to a wider audience. Unless a home is stationed on a dead-end or single-home road, drivers frequently pass by them. Most home owners have friends and family over multiple times per year, if not per week. Also, the summer months are ideal for carrying out outdoor home improvement tasks. Let’s get started on outdoor home improvement projects you may consider for your home.


Landscaping comes in many varieties, including planting new flowers, growing small gardens, and laying down new mulch. These — and many other — tasks improve homes’ curb appeal and their dollar values. Mulching flower beds and areas around trees or bushes with bright brown mulch pops in viewers’ eyes. Planting trimming-friendly hedges both looks good and brings the potential for shaping them into looks that complement any home. Also, consider planting fruit or nut trees — who doesn’t want free fruit? — in areas that boost curb appeal.

Refinish decks or wood seating areas

Old, worn-out decks unarguably lower homes’ curb appeal. No visitor or passerby enjoys seeing the eyesore a visually-unappealing deck brings. Refinishing your home’s deck(s) is a do-able, inexpensive yet rewarding home improvement task.

Take a medium-grit sandpaper and sand down all visible surfaces of the deck. Sanding makes decks look newer, as well as provides an easily-adhered-to surface for stain or finish to stick to. Visit a home improvement store and ask for samples to match against your home’s outside walls to find a color that best fits your home. Next, apply one or more coats of stain, finish, or both to your deck and let dry.

Liven up your fence

White-pickett fences are often associated with living the American dream. Nearly every family home looks better with a visually-appealing white-pickett — or whichever style your home features — fence outside, especially popular in the Lone Star state. As Good As New is a top Arlington wooden fence repair company that spruces up, fixes, and stains fences. Or, you could take on the physically-demanding task of fixing your own fence. Either way, a new-looking fence will impress visitors and raise the value of your home.

Paint outside doors

Painting doors is an effective, simple way of livening up homes. Visit your local building supply store and ask for samples of paint to match against your home. Next, solicit the opinion of friends or family members about which best matches your home. Painting is relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive.

These tips can help any home look loads better. Most require no experience, know-how, or lofty budgets, which every home owner loves. Implement these tips into your home’s outdoors to impress visitors, boost curb appeal, and raise the value of your home.


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