Outdoor Event Mosquito Control

Outdoor Event Mosquito Control

Events held in an outdoor space are always effortless and organic in their closeness to nature. However, nature is also the residence a several pests that can completely ruin the atmosphere of an occasion. One of the most insistent, frustrating, and unpleasant among these pests are mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad of Greater Orange County has treatments that cater specifically to areas that will be used for special events. The service can give planners peace of mind knowing that their guests will be comfortable and happy for the duration.

What is special event mosquito treatment?
This particular type of pest treatment is meant to protect a sizable outdoor area. So critical at any event is the comfort of the guests and this can be near impossible with the insistent buzz of mosquitoes. Ideally, the process would be done one to three days prior to the event. As per the usual with sprays, the best results occur with barrier treatments. Technicians bring their knowledge of what specific areas are likely to have the densest amount of mosquito breeding. They then specifically target those areas with intensive treatments to best diminish the population and have long term success. In an effort of comprehensive care, they also treat areas dense in foliage to create the most complete barrier possible for the event.

What does the treatment do?
Standard, EPA-approved treatments primarily do two things. First and foremost they kill mosquitoes on contact and can reduce the population by as much as 95{bf6a9c5c6d32909292a4a6519d481e6a9dd20940b53787c536f3c8f1dffa070a}. The second thing they do it create a barrier that lingers and continues to protect the space for several days. This ensures that any pests that made it through the initial placement of the treatment won’t annex the space. If the outdoor space is one that will be used across a long period of time for several occasions it’s important to note that the barrier treatment will need to be redone approximately every 21 days. Doing this safeguards the outdoor space for the duration of a season. However, if the event is just a single occurrence, the treatment will certainly take care of that event.

Losing access to an outdoor venue because of the presence of blooding sucking insects need not be on the radar of planners. The occasion can remain pleasant for guests because the barrier treatment that Mosquito Squad offers is comprehensive and undetectable. Special event mosquito treatment is a minor, but key part of the planning process.

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