Making a Successful Return to Your Apartment

During the coronavirus pandemic, many city dwellers chose to leave and stay with family in other parts of the country. Now that things are gradually reopening, some of those people will be returning to their homes and apartments. While it’s good to get back, some strange things might have happened while you were gone. When you unlock the door, keep an eye out for these four situations.

Look for Rodents

Just because you’ve been gone for weeks doesn’t mean there weren’t household pests enjoying your pad while you were away. Inspect your kitchen for rodent droppings, shredded paper or other evidence. If you find signs of animal activity, be sure to call a Staten Island pest control company to eradicate the problem.

Keep Your Face Covered

When a home has been left vacant for a couple of months, dust accumulates quickly. If you have allergies, it’s best to keep that face mask on until you vacuum and wipe everything down. Be extra careful if you have asthma or any breathing problems.

Bring Someone With You

Returning home can also be a creepy experience if you live alone. If you feel leery, ask a friend, family member or even the landlord to accompany you. Check each room carefully for any signs of a break-in, and make sure everything is right where you left it.

Look for Leaks

Another thing to look for as you make your return, is any damage that could have occurred in your absence. If your apartment is prone to leaks, or destruction from the elements, be sure to check those spots first. If anything has been damaged, it can be taken care of right away.

Get Settled In

It’s always good to come back home, but when you’ve been gone for an extended period of time, be aware that a few things might have shifted in the meantime. In a few days, after you’ve settled back in, you can work on getting back to your old routine.