Keeping Your Cool in Hot Weather

No one enjoys feeling hot and sweaty. During the day, you have other things to concern yourself with, and by night sleep can be hard to come by when you are too warm. When you live in a hot and humid climate, it can be difficult to keep the ambient temperature comfortable and relaxed. It can be a struggle to keep your cool. Following are a few suggestions to help you keep things more pleasant.

Air Conditioning Overhaul

Make sure your central air conditioning is operating properly. You may wish to have it cleaned and overhauled for the warm season. If you do not have air conditioning or a window unit, you may wish to look into having one installed. Call one of the top HVAC companies in Tampa FL and have them evaluate your home’s potential and give you an estimate.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are essential for those who do not have an air conditioning system and helpful for those who do as well. These fans are generally whisper quiet so they do not cause an annoyance as far as sound is concerned, and can be purchased with or without integrated light fixtures. Set the seasonal toggle switch to summer mode so that the blades will pull hot air up and away from people, and blow a light cooling breeze across your overheated family.

Box Fans

Place box fans in windows blowing inward on the breezy side of the house and outward on the opposite side in order to draw cooler air through the house. A cool air exchange is most helpful in the late evening or early morning hours when the outside air is ten or more degrees cooler than inside air. Blowing across a large pan of ice also provides a gently cooling breeze through the house and makes it more comfortable for sleeping.

Natural Fabrics

Wear clothing of linen or cotton fiber to increase breathability. Polyester and nylon-based fabrics can hold heat and moisture against your body. Choose the same natural fibers for your bedding. Many people are enjoying the coolness of bamboo bedding to get a good night’s sleep in hot weather. If you have leather or vinyl furniture, you may want to use linen or cotton canvas duck slipcovers so that people won’t feel uncomfortable sitting on them in the heat.

Staying well hydrated is also key to feeling well and healthy. It can help your internal temperature regulate and keep pores open. Employ some of these tips when the next spate of hot weather hits and you may endure it in more comfort.