How to Hire a Locksmith in Queens

So you went for a jog, forgot to take your key, and by the time you get back your roommate has left for work, locking the door behind her. It sounds like it’s a good time to call for a locksmith. Before you do, there are a few precautions and steps you should take.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When calling for a locksmith company Queens NY, make sure you find a professional running a reliable business. There are countless locksmith scams out there, and by exercising a little common sense you can make sure you don’t run into one of those. First, when you call, ask for the full name of the business. Then do a quick internet check on the internet for the company name plus “complaints.” If there are many, chose another locksmith.

How Much is That in Real Money?

Always get an estimate over the phone. Be clear on what that fee includes. Will there be an additional fee for a service call, labor, parts, mileage, or fuel? Ask the locksmith to bring a written copy of the estimate with him. Also find out what kind of payment the company accepts. If they are cash only, be wary. Venmo or PayPal are preferable to cash as they do have some recourse options available to you in the event of a scam.

Do You Have a License for That?

Fourteen states require locksmiths to have a license. New York is not one of them, but New Jersey is. So if you are across the water, check for that license. Also, you may want to hire a locksmith with insurance. They are not required to be insured, but if you have a valuable, old front door and it gets damaged, it would be nice to have that covered by the locksmith’s insurance.