Great ideas for Bedroom renovation

Bedroom renovations come with so many accompanying advantages. Contrasting to bathrooms and kitchen renovations, bedroom renovations require little invasive work and are generally not intricate. Hardly is there any plumbing pipes needed or big appliances to buy and install. The bedroom focuses more on fabrics, paints, flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, lining, and other affordable DIY-friendly projects. Having landlord insurance is an important step that every landlord should take. Landlord insurance helps protects one from financial loss that damages, including those caused by factors such as severe weather, beak-in and fire, have on your rental property. Visit review sites such as to check reviews about landlord insurance companies. Avoid the negatively reviewed companies, and you’ll get a reputable company to provide your landlord insurance cover. If you want to renovate your bedroom, then this article will give you some great ideas.


When renovating the bedroom, lighting is an important factor to consider. The type of lighting in the bedroom can alter the mood of the whole room. It is recommended that as you renovate your bedroom consider combining diverse sources of light. Outdated ceiling light shades can be replaced with an eye-catching shade. Another option is to put a chandelier or an oversized shade. A modern bedroom look can be enhanced by Retro track lighting. Typically there are flexible, meaning they can be adjusted to the position that one will find best.

Utilise a colour scheme

While renovating your bedroom, applying the paint colour of your choice will highly enhance its look. If you’re renovating the house for yourself, it is best to select colours that suit your liking and personality. On the other hand, if the purpose of the renovation is to sell the house, then it is best to go for the latest colour trends in the market. This will help raise its value. For large bedrooms, chose walls with a dark tone and contrast this with items that have a light tone. For small-sized bedrooms, it’s best to go for light colour schemes, including neutrals, pastels and shades of grey.

Have a new flooring

When a buyer is looking for a house, what mainly catches their eye when they view the bedroom is the flooring. It’s vital to have bedroom flooring that shows a sense of comfort, warmth and style. Expert recommends having hard flooring in the bedroom, for instance, vinyl plank. In areas with high amounts of humidity and moisture, ceramic tiles are recommended. You can also think of soft flooring, including rugs over wood and wall to wall carpeting. There are also floor options that are friendly to the bare feet, such as laminate flooring. For a cosy bedroom, wall to wall carpeting, cork flooring, and wood or laminate with area rugs are the best option to go for.

Utilise Multifunctional Furniture

While thinking about going about your bedroom’s renovation, look at the furniture inside it and ask yourself if you require the furniture. For instance, it’s unnecessary to have a nightstand whose only work is to hold a lamp. Instead, you can opt for a bedside table, which will be big enough to hold a stack of book and some of your electronics as they charge. Also, instead of having two chairs in the corner of your room, you can go for one plash chair with a comfortable footstep. For footsteps, go for those that also have built-in storage. Maximise storage by having storage containers or drawers that can fit under the bed.

Include art

The bedroom is where you rest, and thus you should ensure it’s comfortable. Including art in your bedroom will boost optimism and positive vibes in the room. After a day of stress, you want to lie down resting while enjoying a good sleep in your bedroom. Place the artwork on the walls directly above your bed or opposite your bed. The best type of art to go for are pieces of abstract art with soothing colours. Pieces of large-scale art should also be installed or hung at eye level.

Go for perfect wardrobe solutions

Your bedroom renovation plan should ensure there’s sufficient storage. A wardrobe or closet will significantly help in this. Look for a walk-in wardrobe that will suit your bedroom, or go for a custom wardrobe that will fit perfectly with the room’s renovation design.

In conclusion, it may be hard to go about renovating your bedroom. However, with this article, you can incorporate these bedroom renovation ideas into your bedroom renovation plans, and you’ll have a great looking bedroom.