Get Ready for the Dog Days of Summer

Get Ready for the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is approaching. The weather is finally getting warmer. You have all of your supplies ready for a little Spring cleaning. There is nothing like a clean home with bright flowers adorning the table. Springtime is the best. It is warm enough for short sleeves but not so hot that you are thinking about cranking up the air conditioner. Nevertheless, this is the time to start preparing for those warmer months. Here are some ways to get your home ready for summer.

Summer Staples

Summertime is about bright pops of color. Exchange some of the drab colors from winter with the fun colors of summer. Replace heavy comforters with lighter blankets. Bring some flowers inside to take the place of candles.

Stock up on summer essentials. Summer means sunshine and bugs, so stock up on sunblock, insect repellent and aloe vera. Pull out the beach towels and picnic blankets. Shine your walking shoes and dig the sports equipment out of the garage. Fun in the sun is just around the corner.

Don’t forget to stock the fridge with fresh summer foods. Spring is a great time to defrost your freezer and create some space for popsicles and homemade ice-cream. Display vibrant, in-season fruit in a bowl on the table, so it is close at hand.

Keep Your Cool

You never want to discover an air conditioning problem in the middle of a heat wave. Warm weather is approaching, and there is no time like the present to prepare. Call a reputable repair service to make sure your system is running properly. Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money and headache in the future. Change out your filters. Air-flow in your home makes a big difference as well. Switch your ceiling fans so they spin counter-clockwise. This pushes the air downwards and creates a refreshing draft.

Take it Outside

Everyone is heading outside and planning glorious trips to the beach. Create a little oasis at home. Clean up your patio. Buy new cushions for the chairs. Mood setting outdoor lights and some TIKI torches allow the party to extend into the night. Go ahead and take the time to clean your grill so it is ready for some heavy barbecuing.

Margaritas make a great summer drink to cool you off and help you relax. Fun glasses and a strong blender make frozen beverages an easy treat. Pull out the lawn mower and give the grass a trim. Cultivate a beautiful flower garden. That way you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while sitting on your patio, grilling hamburgers and sipping margaritas.

Add a Little Sunshine

Summer is the season of sunshine, but sometimes the heat makes staying indoors more comfortable. Replace your thick curtains with sheer, light, flowy shade cloths. Get out the glass cleaner and restore your windows to a streak-free shine. Bring some colorful plants inside. With clean windows, light curtains and greenery inside, you can enjoy the brightness of summer from the comfort of your air conditioned home.

Summertime is about getting outside and playing. It is about swimming pools, beaches and fun in the sun. Get ready for the long days of warm weather with bright colors inside and out and an air conditioning system that will give you a much-needed reprieve from the sweltering heat.

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