+Engineered acacia wood flooring for a Stunning Home

+Engineered acacia wood flooring for a Stunning Home

Engineered wood flooring is a very fashionable trend now and by choosing acacia wood, to significantly beautify your home, you can’t go wrong, whilst it will add good value to your property, it is very durable too. Of course natural hardwood for flooring has been around since long ago. However, nowadays the engineered hardwood type of flooring became a very popular choice!

The engineered acacia flooring is easy obtainable and there are more than 1,300 types of this exotic wood species. In Australia alone 960 different kinds of the Acacia can be found and is an indigenous tree in this country.

    Reasons to opt for Engineered Hardwood Flooring


  1. The features of natural solid wood


Now homeowners can enjoy the features offered by natural solid wood and there is a wide range to choose from. This gives you the opportunity to purchase the kind of wood which will enhance the design or your rooms. The top layer of engineered hard wood is natural wood. The additional layers are manufactured from other products. The different layers provide more stability and strength and it is bonded together.

  1. Offers resistance to changes in temperature


This type of engineered hardwood flooring offers great resistance to temperature-changes. Using solid wood or tiles may result in contracting and expanding with great changes in temperature. Solid wood may bend or deform, while tiles can crack. In both of these instances your flooring will become rather unstable.

  1. Stability and Strength


Engineered hardwood flooring are extraordinary stable and strong. The different layers which are bonded together are manufactured to meet with high standards. When you use this type of flooring the sub floor is not important as you can install it even directly onto concrete!

  1. Great choice for all rooms


Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed in all rooms of your home, whether it is in your home’s upper-level or even in a basement, as it offers resistance to dampness too.

  1. Offers value for a lifetime


Due to the durability and strength of this type of hardwood flooring it lasts for almost endless years. Furthermore, its features, resembling natural wood, make your home more appealing and will add value to your property.

  1. Variety available


Engineered acacia wood flooring comes in a wide and beautiful variety. Its richness in colour and splendid wood patterns can be found from a light yellow shade, to an attractive golden colour up to a beautiful chocolate brown. This hardwood flooring can enhance your home to a haven when the sun reflects on it varying from the freshness of early spring to the calmness of the silvery moon!


However, we recommend that you purchase your engineered hardwood flooring from reputable leading suppliers who you can trust. Furthermore, it will make you confident to know that acacia hardwood, according to the Janka Hardness Scale, is measured at 2400, which makes it one of the hardest types of engineered hardwood flooring available now!

We believe that you will have a hard time choosing between all the beautiful, splendid colours!


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