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3 Things to Look for in Value-Add Real Estate Investments

3 Things to Look for in Value-Add Real Estate Investments

According to real estate investment professionals like Steven Taylor Landlord, one of the more popular and profitable ways of deciding what apartment building to purchase is to identify value-add opportunities. A value-add situation occurs when an investor locates a property that could benefit from repairs or upgrading of amenities. These repairs or upgrades are completed with the intention of the ability to increase rents or an increase in property value that exceeds the cost of any improvements. Here are three things to look for when identifying a value-add apartment building investment opportunity.

Does the Property Need Updating?

Many apartment buildings have gone for decades without significant upgrades. They may have owners that have chosen to defer maintenance for extended periods of time. When these types of buildings come on the market, they can be significant opportunities for the sophisticated investor.

Ultimately, the investor must be savvy enough to know that the amount they invest in upgrades is going to be less than the expected value of the property after the updates have been completed. The increase in property value could come from greater appraised value or the ability to increase rents.

Are Current Tenants Paying Less Than Market Rates?

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Keeping Your Cool in Hot Weather

Keeping Your Cool in Hot Weather

No one enjoys feeling hot and sweaty. During the day, you have other things to concern yourself with, and by night sleep can be hard to come by when you are too warm. When you live in a hot and humid climate, it can be difficult to keep the ambient temperature comfortable and relaxed. It can be a struggle to keep your cool. Following are a few suggestions to help you keep things more pleasant.

Air Conditioning Overhaul

Make sure your central air conditioning is operating properly. You may wish to have it cleaned and overhauled for the warm season. If you do not have air conditioning or a window unit, you may wish to look into having one installed. Call one of the top HVAC companies in Tampa FL and have them evaluate your home’s potential and give you an estimate.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are essential for those who do not have an air conditioning system and helpful for those who do as well. These fans are generally whisper quiet so they do not cause an annoyance as far as sound is concerned, and can be purchased with or without integrated light fixtures. Set the seasonal toggle switch

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Steps to Buy a Home for Investment, Make No Mistakes in Choosing

Steps to Buy a Home for Investment, Make No Mistakes in Choosing

The house is one of the assets whose value continues to increase from year to year and become one place to allocate profitable money.
With a house, you can get 2 benefits at once, namely rental income and capital gains. However, to get these 2 benefits optimally, there are several things to consider when deciding on a house to buy. properties to let in Wentworth Estate

Consider the Finances Owned When Buying

The main purpose of buying a house that you do is to make your finances healthier with the income stream from your rented house.
However, considering financial matters becomes very important when determining the purchase of a home.
The price of the house to be purchased will determine what the minimum down payment must be paid and how many installments need to be paid regularly every month. Do not let the payments that are issued every month burden your current financial condition.
The ideal amount of installments that can be taken around 30% of the total income you get each month.

Determine the Location and Type of House to Be Purchased

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