Bathroom Updates That Are Worth It

Does your bathroom stress you out? Do you long to soak and relax in the tub but get tense when you look around your bathroom? If you haven’t updated your bathroom in a while, it is likely due for a change.

Whether you decide to do a complete bathroom remodeling St Louis MO or some simple updates, you should focus on the areas that will make the biggest impact. If your sinks are dinged or worn out, don’t waste your time or money replacing them. If you can repaint your cabinets and get the look you want without removing them, do that. Here are some ways to update your bathroom without losing your mind in the process. 


One of the quickest ways to change the look of your bathroom is to paint it. A fresh coat of paint helps the bathroom feel new and clean. When choosing colors, avoid any that are too dark and could make the space feel smaller. Choosing lighter, more neutral shades will help the bathroom feel bigger and brighter. 

Using a primer is always advised when painting to help prevent peeling. Primers are also a good idea to use in bathrooms because they seal the paint to the wall and prevent moisture from getting through. Choose a satin, semi-gloss or glossy finish, so the paint doesn’t easily wash off the wall when cleaned. Finally, talk to your home store specialist to find one that has a mildew-resistant additive. 

Light Fixtures

If you haven’t updated your bathroom in a while, part of the reason you are unhappy with it is likely due to its lighting. Older lights often have heavier, thicker domes around the lightbulbs that block the light from getting through or cast unflattering shadows. Furthermore, you might not have enough lights in your bathroom.

When choosing lights, choose a fixture that sits over the mirror about the sink and adequately lights the entire space. Don’t go for single bulb fixtures because it won’t be enough light. Additionally, choose “daylight” bulbs for the best lighting in the bathroom.