5 Stores That Offer Kitchen Design Services in the UK

Kitchen design services offer homeowners professional interior designs in their kitchens. These designs are implemented according to the demands and tastes of the homeowners. The designs may work on the kitchen colours, lighting and other areas of the kitchen.

The designers either work in remodelling an already existing kitchen or in addressing kitchen design issues during building. Visit UK.collected.reviews to get information about kitchen design experts.

If you live in the UK and you are planning on getting your kitchen remodelled, here are 5 stores that offer kitchen design services:

1.  Round House Design:

Round House Design is one competent kitchen service in the UK, especially if you are looking for luxury. They offer tons of design choices for their clients and are knowledgeable about the latest smart appliances for kitchens. Most of their works are developed in their manufacturing facility. This enables the liberty to create styles exclusive only to them. Their luxurious nature translates to the design of high quality, long-lasting kitchens. One interesting fact is that they are eco-friendly. They try to minimise the impact of their designs on the environment by using timbers that adhere to FSC standards. To further prove their quality, Round House Design has received a handful of awards, including Designer Kitchen & Bathroom ‘Kitchen Design’ Award, Homes & Gardens ‘Kitchen Designer of the Year’, and Designer Kitchen & Bathroom ‘British Design’ Award. Quite reputable, don’t you think?

2.  Brayer Design:

Brayer Design offers kitchen services like worktops, appliances, brassware, flooring, and lighting. Their designs are crafted in their workshop located in Surbiton, England. Their team of experts works closely with their clients to ensure their desires and ideas are accurately implemented. They also work with interior designers and architects to ensure their kitchens are quality and durable.

3.  Tom Howley Kitchen:

Set up in 2004 with about 17 branches in the UK, this luxurious kitchen brand is a big name in the business. When you visit their showroom, you get to witness the quality of their kitchens. Boasting of making use of the best materials, appliances, construction and service, quality is one aspect they strongly emphasise on. They aim at kitchens that will serve clients for a long time. They do well to be up to date with the latest kitchen trends, a commitment to offer a variety of designs to their clients.

4.  The Brighton Kitchen Company:

The Brighton Kitchen Company has two showrooms in Hickstead, Mid Sussex, and in Stock, Essex, both of which can only be accessible by appointment. They are a luxurious kitchen company that boasts of offering unique designs to their clients. One reason is that they manufacture their furniture in their joinery located in Kent, enabling them the luxury of personalisation. Their kitchen designs cover worktops, appliances, special planning, tiles, lighting, colours, finishes and many more. Their kitchens are handmade, combining both traditional techniques and the latest technology.

5.  Harvey Jones:

With over 40 years of experience and 32 kitchen showrooms in the UK, Harvey Jones offers some of the best kitchen services you can find out here. They categorise their designs into four styles: Shaker, Arbor, Original, Linear and Linear Edge. These styles can be viewed in any of their showrooms.

Kitchen designers help you bring your ideal kitchen look to life. They are professionals capable of creating intricate designs according to your instruction. We have highlighted 5 stores to provide you with quality kitchen service options to choose from, in case you are interested in remodelling.