5 Important Things to Look For Before Buying a New Home

Buying a house through a property developer or developer is still the most popular choice for the public. Because the process is easier and more practical than if you have to find your own land, build and even oversee the development process which can take months. Not to mention the hassle of licensing issues and large funds that must be prepared. In addition to a more practical buying and selling process, buying a house through a developer also allows you to apply for a loan installment to the bank, of course with the number of installments per month according to financial capability. However, behind all these conveniences there are risks that must be considered before deciding to buy a house.

Residential location

Before buying, you should survey the location of the house you want to buy. Usually, low home prices are located quite far from the city center. Actually, this is not a problem as long as transportation access is adequate and close to public facilities such as schools or hospitals. Note whether the location of the house is close to the main road and whether there is public transportation passing around it. Then no less important is knowing whether the location of the house is free of flooding and how far the location of the house and the workplace. Keep in mind that it will occupy the house for a long period of time, so don’t regret it later on.

Building specifications

Developers will usually include detailed building specifications in the housing brochure that they share with potential buyers. However, you should still check the condition of the house directly. Pay attention to the specifications of the building offered, for example, the type of roof truss material or wall material used. Make sure the developer uses quality building materials to ensure the building structure is sturdy and durable. Don’t forget to also check the water and electricity lines in the house.

Developer reputation

If you want to buy a real estate home, you should first find out about the reputation of the developer or The developer of the house of interest. Make sure the developer has a good reputation, is experienced and has a good sales track record. As for new developers, it’s best to avoid buying a house in the form of a house image or pre-project selling. At least the physical building has become 50% or is ready for habitation to avoid fraud.

Check permit letter

To avoid fraud, you should check administrative documents and housing construction permits. In cases that often occur, the buyer never receives a house certificate even though the buyer has paid the payment. This is because the parent certificate has not been broken down by the developer and is still pledged to the bank. Then you should choose a house that has broken down the certificate.

Public facilities offered

For some people, housing that is equipped with public facilities such as places of worship, swimming pools, playgrounds, and security, is very important. However, the price of a house equipped with public facilities is certainly different from the selling price of standard housing. There are additional costs that will be charged every month as maintenance fees. Buying a new home is now increasingly easy and practical. You can even choose the location and model of the house through a property service provider or even from advertisements circulating on social media.