4 Benefits of Using Spray Foam Insulation to a Home

Spray foam insulation is usually developed from two major types of composite materials. These include polyurethane and isocyanate. Both of these materials are sprayed simultaneously using spray foam equipment during installation. It comes into two types. These can either be open-cell spray foam or closed-cell spray foam. 

Many individuals are turned off by the cost of using spray foam insulation for their homes. But once you know the key benefits of using spray form insulation, you will never overlook it. Some of these benefits may include:

1. Improve Air Quality Indoors

A great benefit of using spray foam insulation is the ability to reduce indoor allergens, like pollen, mildew, mold, dust, and other forms of pollutants. Whether you believe it or not, those pollutants don’t enter your home through opened windows and doors. Rather, they enter through the walls. Pest waste can also impact air quality in the house. But rodents and insects don’t get attracted to spray foam since it’s not as ideal as a nest or food. If you need insulation, which can reduce asthma symptoms and allergies, spray foam insulation can be a suitable option. It is also a non-toxic option, which can keep you feeling at your best.

2. Create a Moisture Barrier

The presence of cracks and holes in the walls may allow more than just the air to sneak into the house. Moisture may as well make its way to the house through those small crevices and cracks, especially when the home is not protected with the right insulation. Basically, spray form insulation serves as a great insulator and filler. It can insulate and fill small crevices and cracks throughout the house. Since it is impermeable to water, it will remain intact if moisture or flooding was to affect your home.

3. Strengthen the Walls

Any homeowner knows the anxiety that comes with summer tornadoes and storms. Beating rain and high winds may threaten any family’s safety and a home’s stability. By serving as a strong glue-like layer, this kind of insulation can provide additional strength to the walls of your home. Plus, spray form insulation can give you peace of mind, knowing that the entire family is safe in the face of Mother Nature.

4. Easy and Fast to Install

Installing this kind of insulation is a routine and fast process. Many experts may install it in just one day, based on the size of a home. Since the insulation is primarily installed from the exterior part of a home, you will only have a few contractors coming over, and this means less mess. Because it is also non-toxic, you have nothing to worry about the insulation fiber, resulting in itchiness and others issues after or during installation.

The Bottom Line!

Spray foam insulation remains a suitable option for homeowners, especially those looking for a stronger, healthier, more energy-efficient, warmer, and drier home. While it will cost you more than the fiberglass insulation option, you will enjoy the savings over time. So talk to a local insulation expert regarding the possibility of insulating it in your home to get the guidance you need.