Tips for Setting up Your Storage Facility

Space is directly translated into overhead cost, so it is vital that companies maximize their storage efficiency and capabilities. Whether you are renting or building your own industrial storage space Denver CO, your space should be customized to your needs.

Needs and Budget

Your first step should be evaluating your inventory and supplies. For example, do you carry a lot of inventory or hazardous materials or chemicals? Will you need to maneuver equipment among your shelving to move heavy products? Identify any precautions that need to be taken when moving or storing your materials and goods. Also, will your warehouse need to be temperature controlled? Then, plan out your storage for the greatest flow and efficiency.

Your budget will determine some of what you can do with your storage facility. Therefore, you should determine exactly how much you want to spend on your storage setup and maintenance.


Automated storage and retrieval can significantly improve your storage efficiency and reduce both your overhead and human resources requirements, allowing your staff to focus on other things.

Choose Your Storage Solutions

Determine whether you need simple shelving or customized racks, such as pallet racking. Cabinets and cupboards may be necessary for smaller supplies that need to be more accessible or locked away. In addition, will you use lockers?

Efficiency and Safety

Your warehouse employees should know exactly where everything is, so you should label your racks and shelving and use larger signs to guide them to specific areas. Organizing your items by type will help improve efficiency as well. Don’t forget safety signage, such as vehicle traffic and hazardous materials notices.

Keep your employees safe by installing guardrails on lifting equipment and other dangerous areas, and use anti-slip tape on stairs, ramps and other slick areas. Personal safety gear, such as helmets, eye and ear protection, gloves, kneepads and respiratory protection, should also be provided as needed. Train your employees on the location and use of your first aid stations.

Whether you have space constraints or efficiency issues, consider developing a storage and retrieval plan that fits your needs.