Tips for Making Remodels Less Stressful

After a decade, you’ve decided it’s time to make a change. You love your neighbors and your commute, but that dated kitchen and living room need to go. Rather than move, a remodel offers the chance to make your own mark on the place without leaving behind everything else you love. This decision doesn’t need to be stressful. While time consuming, it is an exciting chance to add your own touches. Here are a few tips to help the process move along smoothly.

Work With Professionals

Unless you have a lot of free time on your hand, you probably want to speak with some professionals. Consult with several contractors and designers to discuss your dream list. See what is feasible and isn’t. Have plans drawn up, and consider several options. As you make your decision consider various factors. Will these changes make you embrace this space more? Are the additions enhancing the home value? What maintenance is needed? Sit and think about your final decision to ensure you’ll be satisfied.

Stay Within Budget

Making changes could improve your satisfaction as well as your resale, but don’t take on more than you can afford. If you’re adding new lighting, you may not need to most expensive chandelier or votive. Be practical in your selection. Do you need a new countertop? What is functional and within your spending allowance? You might also evaluate if all of your changes need to happen now. Think of it as a process. Change flooring and cabinets now. You can change the lighting or appliances later. Keeping within your financial limits might help you feel more at ease during the process.

Let Others Do the Lifting

For a major remodel, you’ll need to move out most of your belongings from the space. While it’s tempting to do this on your own, consider speaking with a company. Moving heavy objects can add pressure and weight to your body. Doing it too much could result in injuries. Movers have dollies with heavy duty plate casters. The equipment and training help them avoid injury. Sit back and sip a cup of coffee while they do the heavy lifting.

Stay Elsewhere

Major remodels get messy and take up time. Living in it could create mental distress. If possible, stay with family or friends while the heavy work is underway. This will give you a functioning space, and you won’t be surrounded by construction. Check in daily to see the progress.

When it’s all done, you’ll have a new space, specific to you. Sit back, and enjoy it.