Things to Consider When Expanding Your House

When your current home is getting to be a bit too small, moving to a larger place isn’t always an option. Length of commute, neighborhood amenities and other benefits may make the idea of expanding your house a more feasible option. Your alternatives may range from using a prefabricated building for added space to a full expansion, such as adding another story altogether. Here are a few options worth consideration as you plan.

Building a Home Extension

The most permanent approach to adding space is building an extension to your home. This might be as simple as knocking out a wall and bumping out a part of the structure. It could also be more complex like turning your one-story house into a two-story structure. This type of home remodel can be very expensive, but may be worth it when it comes to increasing property value. Reach out to one of the construction companies in Jacksonville FL to talk to professionals who understand both construction and permitting requirements.

Using the Garage for Living Space

A more affordable alternative for adding to your house is converting your garage into a room. This won’t increase your home’s footprint, but it may affect your property value as you increase living space. You may need to hire professionals if your plans include significant changes to electrical wiring or adding plumbing and ventilation. Depending on your appetite for risk and sweat equity, you may be able to complete most of the work yourself and save money.

Installing a Prefab Building

Another quick option is installing a prefabricated building in your yard. If such a building doesn’t violate zoning laws or HOA restrictions, your home won’t be impacted by the time it takes to complete installation. Many designs exist and you should be able to find something that coordinates with the house.

Customizing and personalizing where you live is one of the joys of ownership. You have options for expanding your living space. Before you fall in love with an idea, check local regulations to make sure your plans are complaint.