Some details have the power to make your bathroom look expensive

The bathroom is often the most expensive part of the house to renovate or remodel. That is why it is important to find some hacks that can be used to improve its appearance without spending a fortune. Here are some tricks that can help you make your bathroom look expensive even though it is not.

Make your bathroom look expensive by changing your lighting fixtures

New lighting fixtures might not be the least expensive items you can decorate your bathroom with, but they are always worth the money invested. Remember, changing your lights is also a part of your house improvement project and can add value to your home. We often overlook the importance of overhead lighting in our bathroom. However, you will agree that a bathroom with carefully chosen chandelier looks more luxe than one with built-in led panels. Also, you can make this room look more exclusive by selecting some nice sconces for your bathroom mirror.

A fancy mirror will always do the trick

Why settle for a plain, frameless mirror in your bathroom when you can hang one that can really make a statement and be a reflection of your refined taste? When shopping for a bathroom mirror, you should think outside the box. Your perfect piece is not waiting for you in a local hardware store. Put some more effort in browsing and you will most certainly find the mirror that makes the wow effect. Luckily for you, such a mirror doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, you can even find it at the flea market or you can make it by yourself.

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Add some plants

No matter how small your bathroom is, there is always some room for a plant or two. The professionals say that they can make the place look larger. Naturally, you should be careful when selecting a type of plant that you are about to put on a bathroom windowsill or a bathroom shelf. Even a sink can be a good place for a plant. In general, plants are always a good house decorating idea. Here are some species that actually thrive in your humid bathroom:

  • Bamboo – this is a perfect low maintenance plant for your bathroom. It can grow in low-light conditions and it doesn’t even need soil – just keep it hydrated!
  • Aloe Vera – great choice since it makes the place look even cleaner and brighter. You will just have to put it in a sunny window. Having Aloe Vera in your home is very practical since the jelly substance from its leaves can be used for treating sunburns, insect bites and cuts.
  • Orchid – they scream luxury, don’t they? So, they will make your bathroom look expensive, that is for sure. Make sure that you place your orchid somewhere away from the direct sunlight and it will flourish. If you are a fan of taking hot showers, your orchid will enjoy the humidity of the room too.
  • Boston fern – it will adore the humidity and low light in your bathroom, and it is quite decorative.
  • Cast-iron plant – just like its name implies, this plant can endure pretty much anything. Put it wherever you feel like and let the soil go completely dry in between watering sessions.

Buy classy towels

When it comes to bathroom towels, it is all about the details. When choosing them, think about how they will match your bathroom interior. Even if you do not keep your towels on the open shelves in your bathroom, you should still pick the good looking ones. Remember, you will hang a towel or two on the towel ring for you and your guests to use after washing hands. And you will always have some towels hanging from the hooks waiting to dry after you have used them. That being said, nice towel rings and hooks can also contribute to the interior design. Embroider edges and ribbon trims will make your towels look fancy. And, if you are a fan of monograms, go for it!

Gold and metallic accents can make your bathroom look expensive

The most luxurious bathrooms usually have some gold and metallic accents throughout the room. If you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom on a budget, don’t worry, you can also find some details to embellish it. The golden and metallic fixtures can easily empty your wallet, but you can go for some other pieces in such colors. For example, you can get a soap dish, a flower pot or any kind of small container in a metallic or golden color. That will do the trick. However, if you do want to splurge on your bathroom, you can look for golden light fixtures or mirror frames.

Lose the shower curtains or upgrade them

Practical as they are, the classic shower curtains just cannot make your bathroom look expensive. One of the tricks that you can try is using the real bedroom curtains instead. It might sound impractical, but don’t you worry. You can add a layer of waterproof material underneath the luxury fabric. This goes for your bathtub as well as for a shower cabin. By the way, here is a practical piece of advice – make senior relocation simple by losing the bathtub and installing the cabin.

Some nice containers will make your bathroom look luxurious

Even some small things like containers for your toiletries can add up to the appeal of this room. This is especially the case with sets of containers or if you buy the same bottles for, let’s say your shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.

Why not add some art pieces?

The bathroom is probably the last room in the house where you would expect to see some art. But you should be bold and do it. Hang a nice painting across or just above your vanity. Or, you can find a bit of space on your bathroom shelves for a sculpture or some figurine. Adding some art pieces to this room will definitely make your bathroom look expensive.