Reasons Why the Roof Is the Most Important Structure in the Home

There are very few parts of the home that are as important as the roof. This is one of the reasons they say that a home is a roof over the head. The roof is not only designed to protect the building, but it is also designed to provide a level of protection to the home’s occupants.

There are so many things that a well-designed and well-maintained roof can do that most people simply take for granted. For example, a well-designed roof is an integral part of the home’s heating and air-conditioning system. Every roof should be designed with a ventilation system. The purpose of the ventilation system is to allow the heat that arises from the lower floors to escape and fresh air to come in. If the ventilation system is not properly installed, if it has been damaged, or if it is being obstructed by items that are stored in the attic, then the home may overheat during the summer months.

Another problem with having a poorly installed ventilation system in a roof is that during the winter months, heat will be stored at the peak of the roof. This will cause any snow or ice that accumulated on the peak of the roof to melt and run down the sides of the roof. As this melted snow or melt ice reaches the lower parts of the roof, it will begin to refreeze, creating ice dams. Ice dams are horrible for a roof and can eventually lead to both structural and water damage.

Your roof is designed to add structure to the rest of the home. If some of the primary structures of the roof are damaged, the rest of the home may be damaged as well. One of the biggest problems that people see when they do not use quality Frisco roofing contractors is water filtration from the roof penetrating the walls. This water filtration will eventually cause the wood in the walls to rot, the sheet rock to develop mold, and the structure of the home to become unsound.

Clearly, it is in a homeowner’s best interest to have their roof cared for by the best contractors available. The roof is the most important structure in the home and should be treated as such.