Prevent Mosquitoes, Protect Your Family

Prevent Mosquitoes, Protect Your Family

With the rise in mosquito-related illnesses, controlling the mosquito population at home is becoming increasingly more important. If you take a good look at your home and yard, you may quickly find several places that could harbor mosquito larvae. Destroying mosquito breeding grounds along with an insecticide treatment or all natural mosquito treatment should be enough to keep the mosquito population down so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquito eggs need to be kept moist to hatch into larvae. There are several different species of mosquitoes. Some that must lay their eggs in standing water and others that can lay their eggs on any moist surface. Either way, removing standing water from your property eliminates places for mosquitoes to hide their eggs.

Standing water can be found in:

old tires
trash cans
-over turned lids
-bird feeders
-yard art

Dumping out the water and scrubbing the item removes a viable place for mosquitoes to leave their eggs. Even after dumping out containers, periodically recheck your yard and the surrounding area because small items like a planter plate can harbor enough water for mosquito eggs.

Insecticide Treatments

In addition to removing standing water, treating with an approved insecticide will kill or repel adult mosquitoes before they can lay eggs. Mosquitoes like moist places and you simply can’t eliminate all of them. For ongoing problems, a professional treatment every two to three weeks may be necessary to keep mosquitoes at bay. Professional treatments can repel or kill ticks and other pests as well.

For those that may be nervous about spraying chemicals around their home every few weeks, there are other options. An all natural mosquito treatment could be the right choice for you if you have young children or pets that frequently use your yard.

All-natural treatments perform well, and they:

-use distilled essential oils in combination with a surfactant
-repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers, gnats, flies, spiders, and some ant species
-reduce pests by 60-85{bf6a9c5c6d32909292a4a6519d481e6a9dd20940b53787c536f3c8f1dffa070a}
-Getting rid of mosquitoes doesn’t require you to expose your family to unwanted chemicals.

Inside Your Home

Another important step in mosquito control is to prevent them from entering your home. Check all windows and screens for holes or tears. Just as outside the home, dump out any standing water in plants, bathrooms, or elsewhere. Keep doors and windows closed unless they have a screen.

With the right preventative measures, you can keep mosquitoes under control so you can enjoy the outdoors and your home.

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