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Hiring the Staff on Your Own vs. Outsourcing the Same: Which is Better?

The spark of entrepreneurship enables an individual to set up his own business and the desire to achieve success makes him the leader of the firm. However, achieving big goals and dreams without a team is surely impossible. Thus, many business owners, managers, and team leaders look for associates, executives and all those people who can turn the vision of the organization into a reality.

 While there are some companies which shoulder the responsibility of hiring their staff themselves, there are other companies which outsource the work to a third party or head hunters. There are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. Thus, it is advised that one should carefully consider all pros and cons and on the basis of the same take a decision.

Two Methods of Recruiting. Which one to choose?

  • Consider the Cost Factor: Cost and ROI are two things which revolve around almost every business. If in-house recruiting is cheaper as compared to outsourcing, then choose the former one or vice-versa. There is a commission involved when it comes to outsourcing the hiring process and the same can be escaped with in-house hiring. However, if the company is concentrating on a project, then it is fine to outsource the recruitment to a third party.
  • Consult your HR Department: If you think that your human resource staff can very well manage the whole process and post-employment formalities, then give a green light to it. But in case, if this department is involved in some other tasks or does not have enough qualification to carry out the hiring effectively, then outsourcing the same is the best option.
  • Understand the Position you need to fill: If the company needs to recruit a junior level employees, then the same can be very well outsourced. But in case, if there is a vacancy for, let’s say CEO, COO, CFO, or any other higher position, then make sure that in-house hiring takes place. Recruitment for a high-level position requires qualification and skills check and hence, it is better to go with in-house recruitment process.
  • Choose a Middle Ground: If you can’t figure out a way, go for both. Don’t be surprised. Here’s how you can do it. This especially works when there are a plenty of vacancies to be filled in an organization. Figure out what vacancies need your proper attention and what vacancies can be trusted to someone else to fill. Once you figure that out, distribute them between your in-house HR staff and the professional agency.

Points to be Noted When You Outsource The Responsibility of Hiring

When you hire with your own team, there is no risk in that. You have your own process, a strategy is there to help you out and everything flows as smooth as silk. But the moment you outsource your brand name, your credibility, your reputation goes in the hands of a third party.

Therefore, before you finalize a head hunter agency, keep in mind these below-mentioned points:

  • Make Sure They Maintain The Standards: Every third party agency that is paid to hire on the behalf of the company has its own standards. However, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be synchronized with standards of your firm. Hence, make sure that they are at par with the merits and calibre of hiring standards of your company. Let them not compromise on the quality.
  • They Don’t Use Your Brand name to Hire for Others: You are a renowned brand and many want to leverage the association with you. But when it comes to a head hunting agency, don’t let it hire people using your name when there is no requirement of personnel at your end. If you find it doing so, break the relation immediately.
  • Verification & Trust: Ensure that the agency that you hire or the one you have hired is verified and certified to offer their services.
  • Experience: See how old the agency is, whether or not the people at the agency have the required skills and competent enough to do the job and of course, do check their previous records as well.
  • Feedback: Learn what their previous clients and those who the agency has helped in getting a job have to say about it. One Stop Solution to Find a Reliable Hiring Agency

To conclude, we can say that both processes of hiring are can be used. It totally depends on the circumstances and situation when the need for hiring pops up.

When opting for in-house hiring option, you have a full control over the plan, strategy and process. However, when it comes to opting for outsourcing, finding an outstanding agency becomes the first and foremost task. There are many ways to find a hiring agency, for instance:

  • Asking the HR personnel about it
  • Finding out which agency the competitors have hired to do the job
  • Search engines

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