Millwright Job Description

Millwrights serve a very important function in a variety of industries. Yet, many people have no clue what they do.

If you want to know what a millwright does, then keep reading to learn more about this profession.


Job Duties

According to Wikipedia, a millwright is someone who disassembles and reassembles machinery. This professional also handles maintenance and repairs. Specific job duties may include reading blueprints, clearing floor space, moving equipment, adjusting parts, repairing equipment, and replacing defective parts.

Work Conditions

Millwrights may work in a variety of locations. They can service factories and manufacturing facilities. Industrial millwright services are available to any facility that require the installation, moving, assembly, disassembly, or maintenance of large machines.

Millwrights often work on a contractual basis. They will move from job site to job site as needed. Some companies may have millwrights on staff if they often must move equipment, get new equipment often, or need someone to maintain equipment.

The work environment is often very loud. It requires physical fitness and may expose workers to potential safety hazards. Millwrights may have to regularly climb and work in cramped conditions. They must use safety equipment to avoid serious injuries.


To become a millwright, a person will usually not need a college degree. Most often, they learn on the job and only need a high school diploma. Some companies may offer a training program. There are certificates available through technical schools and colleges as well. If a person wants to advance in this career, then he or she may obtain an associate degree in industrial maintenance.

A Nice Career

Millwrights are an in-demand profession with plenty of job opportunities. This profession also provides a decent income potential with some specialty areas paying high wages. If this career interests you, then you can usually find a job easily with a local company as jobs are available all across the country.