Know what is informatics

Know what is informatics


Informatics and Computer Science

Informatics is one branch of science that is wide enough because it is almost covering and related to various things about this life, where the collection of informatics discipline includes science and techniques that specifically process the data into information by utilizing optimally possible information technology or computer.

In the world, the term Informatics derived from the French Informatics, which in German called IT. In fact, this word is synonymous with the term computer science in the United States and computing science in the UK. For more information about IT you can see on

In defining the term informatics, according to Philippe Dreyfus (1962) and l’Academie Francaise (1967) which defines the informatics as follows:

A collection of discipline and engineering discipline that specifically concerns the transformation / processing of the “Symbolic Facts” (data / information), which primarily uses the facilities of automated machines / computers.

In English has a slightly different meaning, namely more emphasis on aspects of information processing in a systematic and rational.

When viewed thoroughly from the understanding of informatics above, the logical and systematic approach is a dominant feature of Informatics, considering that the approach is key in terms of obtaining solutions in solving various problems.

In principle this science is more emphasized how a data and information can be processed in such a manner with the help of automated technology.

The automated technology is not just in one machine, but can involve multiple machines. This machine is more commonly called a computer. Computers as the main ingredient in the field of science has a very high role, so Informatics simply peeled from how the machine can work, how a data processed in a way understood by the machine while the information is understood also by humans, to how the machine is able to communicate With other machines.

Computer Science

In general, Computer Science, better known by the name Computer Science (CS) is a science that studies about computing, both hardware (hardware) and software (software). As a discipline, Computer Science is different from computer programming, software engineering and computer engineering, although the three terms are often misunderstood.

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