How College Dorms Can Impact Student Culture

College is a milestone for millions of young people around the world. It’s the first taste of independence, likely the first time you’ve ever spent away from home for an extended time period and just one big adjustment. One of the things that help you adjust is the college dorms.

You Form Your First relationships

A dorm is not your typical college building. It’s where you will sleep, relax, eat and periodically study. But most importantly, it’s where you will form your first relationships! You will almost certainly have a roommate and this can make or break your first semesters. Be personable, engaged and considerate to make your roommate feel at home. They are probably just as nervous as you and you both have to share a living space. Lounges are your second most important place in the dorm since it’s where you’ll meet scores of other new kids!

The Layout Can encourage More Collaboration

Dorms that have a more spacious layout and lounge almost compel people to be more open. This creates more community engagement and encourages you to put yourself out there. This comes in handy when classes start and you find multiple people from your dorm in your same section. Study groups thrive in comfortable spaces and having a dorm with ample room supports this.

Dorms Can Be a Safe Space

Dorms that are designed around lounges, cafeterias and study rooms create ample spaces for kids to find relief from the stress induced by class. It’s not uncommon for students to come together and take a room in their building where they can support each other emotionally and academically. Find your study spot or your hideout.

You will appreciate various spaces in the dorms for the memories you create. Whether there’s a study break in the lounge or a spot where you lie to nap. The buildings on campus help create the culture you live in