Fiber Optics and Your Daily Life

Most people have heard the term fiber optics, but some may not know about the many uses of fiber optics that affect their lives every day.

Fiber optic cables transmit information in the form of light through very thin strands of glass. From fiber optics Boca Raton Fl, to China or Europe, we often hear about this type of transmission of information as applied to our internet or computer networking. However, did you know that fiber optics are used in many other industries?


Fiber optics are often used in medical surgeries known as endoscopies. The light from the cables is used to light the area being operated on. This helps limit the amount of incisions necessary to perform the procedure.


Fiber optic cables are ideal for the lighting of our automobiles and their instruments. The fact that such little space is necessary for such a bright light, makes the perfect solution for automobiles. These cables are also responsible for much of the communication between different parts of the car. This almost instantaneous communication allows your car to respond and react quickly.

Decorating and Lighting

From Christmas trees and Christmas lights to artwork and decorations, fiber optics continue to make a huge impact with a very small product. It becomes very easy to shine a light on just about anything with this technology.


Almost identical to the use of fiber optics in medical procedures, many other industries use this technology to shine light and inspect hard-to-reach places. Many plumbers use fiber optics to inspect pipes, as well as engineers who may need to inspect just about any piece of equipment or property.

You may already think to thank fiber optics when you quickly connect to the internet, or have a telephone conversation with someone across the ocean, but you may learn to look for the many other applications you’ll find in just about every aspect of your life.