Design Your Dream Interior

Design Your Dream Interior

Buying your dream house is only the start of your journey. Design the interior to reflect your tastes. The goal is to create a space that makes you happy the minute you walk through the door, every time you return home.

Choose a Theme
Research styles to find one that draws you in and makes you feel at home. Whether it is an old world Venetian bedroom or a modern Italian kitchen, use the era that speaks to you more as your inspiration for planning the rest of your interior. A theme does not have to be restrictive, it just offers you a glimpse into what you truly like and you can build on it to find an interior design style reflective of your personality.

Commission Custom Furniture
If you cannot find furniture that truly fits your vision, consider having custom pieces made. Create a table set with intricate designs in the arms of the chairs, as well as a fabric pattern that complements its surroundings, for an elegant dining room for dinner parties. Have a custom entertainment center built for your family room to house all of your electronics in an attractive and convenient way. These unique furniture elements become conversation pieces, as well as serve a decorative and functional purpose.

Personal Accessorizing
Your choices of larger décor items, such as area rugs and artwork become focal points in your room. Add custom wall panels or ceiling medallions to period rooms as an alternative to traditional paintings or framed prints. Bring in smaller accessories, such as vases, sculptures, and even throw pillows to continue a cohesive design around the space.

Finishing Details
The finishing details are what brings an entire design together, like your choice of hardware for you kitchen cabinets can transform traditional looking cabinetry to a more modern look or help a contemporary design cupboard fit into an old world theme. The same goes for other rooms in your home. Consider everything from lighting elements to light switch covers. Even safety considerations offer an opportunity to put more of your style into the room, like with wrought iron staircase railings versus conventional materials, such as wood, that are conventionally used.

To start the designing process, look online for ideas. Companies like Perla Lichi Design, who invite you to “visit our gallery” to find inspiration, are a great place to begin planning the interior of your dreams. You’ll truly know the meaning of “there is no place like home” after your decorating is finished.

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