Choose outdoor wooden floors for ponds and gardens

Choose outdoor wooden floors for ponds and gardens

Having a beautiful garden or swimming pool is everyone’s dream, an alternative to make it happen is by providing wooden floor coverings, but not all roof deck system can be used as outdoor wooden flooring, for outdoor wood flooring is required hard wood that is resistant to weather, Placement of wood as floor coverings will beautify the room, one of the advantages of wood can be mixed in harmony with any media, be it with natural stone, marble, paint colors, plants, etc.

As for all kinds of wood parquet suitable for use to cover the outdoor floor one of them is Ulin wood, merbau, and bengkirai. The wood is already eligible to be placed with conditions exposed to direct sunlight, and rain. The third characteristic of the wood will not rot even when placed in water, the three woods are hardwood group with average weight 0.63-1.04 at 15{bf6a9c5c6d32909292a4a6519d481e6a9dd20940b53787c536f3c8f1dffa070a} moisture content.

But at the time of installation avoid the installation of outdoor wood floors are exposed to water continuously, it will cause a slippery surface of wood because it grows mildew or moss. To avoid this, can be tricked by providing wooden pads under the installation of outdoor wood flooring. So that the water circulation under the installation of wood floors goes well. There is also wood vinyl floor motif that proved waterproof and hot and the price is cheaper than solid wood parquet floor.

Decking of iron wood

Ulin wood is very hard wood, Ulin wood can be used after aged over 100 years, Ulin Wood is one of the wood that is protected by the government, and to obtain ulin wood It takes a long bureaucracy and fairly hard, so the price of ironwood decking is relatively expensive.

Bengkirai Wood Decking

Bengkirai wood or Yellow ballaw is more popular outside in compare in Indonesia, this wooden character has large wood pores with straight strict vein, the use of this wood as floor covering is a lot of use.

Decking of Merbau Wood

Characteristics of merbau wood is almost similar to bengkirai wood, but the color of merbau wood tends to be darker reddish. However, this merbau wood when exposed to water will come out red sap, so it is not recommended placement for the pool deck.


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