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Tips on Loan Qualifying

Tips on Loan Qualifying

Are you looking to consolidate your debt? Thinking about going back to school? Shopping for a new car? Looking to move into your first home? What do all of these have in common? Most of these are going to need you to apply for a loan. It can be scary applying for a loan if you don’t know what your credit is like. A lot of people are taken aback when they are turned down for a loan. Most of us (unless we do our own checking) have no idea what our credit score is. Many of us don’t find out until it’s too late to do anything about it. Your credit is one of the deciding factors on whether or not you qualify for the loan which you applied for. If you do get the loan (with bad credit) than you will pay dearly with high interest rates. According to an article on Entrepreneur, the one lending you the money wants to make sure that they will get it back eventually. The lender actually doesn’t care how long it takes you to pay them back because they will likely be charging you a high interest rate anyways. If you are looking to increase your chances of scoring a loan you should follow these suggestions: consider renting what you are looking to buy instead until your credit is better, think about putting up some of your own money, checking out your credit report first, shopping around for various lenders, and having a good repayment plan.

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The Best Refrigerator Repair in Miami

The Best Refrigerator Repair in Miami

When you live in Miami, there are certain appliances that you just can’t live without and your refrigerator is definitely one of the most important. Food will spoil very quickly in the heat and not only is that expensive but it is a scary risk to your family’s health. So prompt service is a must when you are having issues with a refrigerator. But your solution is simple, call miami sub zero service.

You can call and have a professional service technician at your home 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. There are no holidays or days off when an appliance is broken. Your technician will arrive at your home prepared to fix any issue with your refrigerator in a single trip. They are authorized and trained by sub zero to work on their brand of appliances but they also service all other brands for your convenience. In addition to refrigerators techs can also service freezers, ice makers and wine coolers. All of the repair parts are stocked on the trucks so you will never have to wait for a second appointment or worry that your appliance won’t be fixed right on the first trip. And all of the parts and labor are backed with a one year warranty.

You rely on your appliances and especially your refrigerator to work properly and keep your food cold and safe for your family. Don’t risk the cost of your food on a repair company that might be out in a day or two and then might need to order a part. Make the process as simple as possible and call the miami sub zero repair center that you know will arrive on time and get the issue repaired quickly. You invested in a quality refrigerator for the features, so invest in the same quality when you need appliance service.

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How To Tell If Your Antique Furniture Is Valuable?

How To Tell If Your Antique Furniture Is Valuable?


While it is possible to get an idea of whether or not your antique furniture is valuable, the only real answers will come from a qualified appraiser such as the Abbey Group. The testing you can do yourself will only tell you part of the story. There is a lot of information available online that will help you tell if your furniture has any value or not.

Antique Must Be Old but Not Old Are Antique

The first step will be to determine if the antique furniture that you have is old. If the furniture is not old, it will not be an antique and will not be valuable. Additionally, it is important to note that not all old furniture will be antique.

To test the age, you should run your fingers over the back or underneath the furniture. If there are sharp edges or corners, this will indicate that the furniture was manufactured recently. If you have upholstered furniture and the upholstery is not the original, you will need to lift one of the edges. An antique chair rail will have numerous nail holes which are a reassuring sign of many re-upholstering over a long life.

You should also look for the distinctive curved pattern that is left a circular wood saw. This is a sign that the furniture was manufactured after 1840. You should also remove one of the screws from an inconspicuous spot. Antique screws were handmade and will have irregular spaces between the spirals along the entire shaft. The slot in the head of the screw may also be off-center.

The wood veneers on old furniture will be irregular and thick much like a home-sliced piece of bread. You can judge the veneer by looking at the edge of the veneer on the back of the furniture or where parts have broken off. Modern veneers are thin and will be sliced to have the same width throughout.

Old and antique tables will not have any metal or plastic taps on the bottom of the feet. There may have been added to an old piece at a later date, but they should not be part of the furniture. Antique table pedestals were often reinforced with hand-hammered metal disks or a tri-part metal strap on the leg joints. Modern tables are reinforced with crimped staples. A single board top for the table made from a single piece of wood is also a good indication of the age.

Is the Antique Furniture Valuable?

There are 4 criteria for determining value in furniture and they are the rarity, quality, provenance and condition. Condition and provenance are the ones that are fairly simple to establish. The other two criteria will take more time, research and knowledge to determine. There are 3 other elements which are also important and they are the finish, patina and colour.

There are other specific details that you should look out for when evaluating antique furniture. Replaced mirror glass will devalue an antique mirror … Read More

Tips for Staging Your Condo Before Selling It

Tips for Staging Your Condo Before Selling It


If you are planning on selling your condominium unit, it goes without saying that your goal is to sell it as quickly as possible for your asking price. If you check some of the best condos for sale Montreal, then you know that you are looking at a great competition.

What you need to do is to make sure that you highlight your condo unit’s strength and downplay its weaknesses. You also need to appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers by staging your condo the best way that you can.

Here are some tips that you can do to make your condo more marketable and appealing to the eyes of buyers.

  • Get rid of the clutter.

The first thing that you need to do to prepare your condo for sale is to clean it and get rid of clutter. You can even make a rule for yourself that for every new item that comes in, you also need to get rid of one old and unused item. Remember that having too much furniture is one of the major contributors to a cluttered look. So, to prepare you condo for the market, get rid of as much furnishing as you can to make the space not only cleaner, but also bigger.

  • Group your furniture.

Some believe that a room will feel larger if all the furniture are pushed against the walls, but you do not need to apply that in your condo. Instead, float your furniture away from walls to furnish your space and resposition chairs and sofas into cozy conversational groups. It will make your condo look more user friendly and make it look larger at the same time.

  • Reconsider the color of your walls.

There are many changes that you can do to your condo, and one of the easiest and least expensive is repainting your walls. A fresh coat of white paint or any neutral color can go a long way and make a great impression on potential buyers.

  • Transform rooms and spaces into something that will add value.

For instance, you can place a comfortable armchair and a small table with a lamp in a corner to transform it into a reading spot. You can also drape some fabric on the walls of your guest room and lay a nice rubber padding on the floor with some cushy pillows for a meditation room or a relaxation spot.

  • Work on your lighting.

Make your condo look warm and welcoming with a great lighting. Increase the wattage in your lights and fixtures so that you will have a total of 100 watts for each 50 square feet. You should also have three types of lighting in your condo: ambient lights for overhead, task lights, under cabinets, or for reading, and accent lights for tables and walls.

  • Vary your wall hangings and décor.

When displayed creatively, artwork can make your space stand out. You can even use your décor in showing off your unit … Read More

11 Facts about Mold You Need to Know

11 Facts about Mold You Need to Know


What do you really know about mold? Despite the wealth of info online, very few people know enough about mold to make the best decisions regarding how to deal with it. The one clear fact about mold is that you need to get rid of it for health and aesthetic reasons, and for that, you need the best mold removal services.

So here are the facts you must know about mold:

  1. Mold isn’t just some sort of discoloration problem in your home. They’re actually a kind of fungi, and so that means they’re living organisms like mushrooms.
  2. Mold isn’t always a problem. That’s a good thing, since you can find tiny amounts of mold just about everywhere, even in every breath you take. Mold is useful in breaking down dead organic matter. It’s needed to make antibiotics like penicillin, and it’s necessary to make cheese. Mold is only a problem when you have too much of it in your home.
  3. There are many types of mold. In fact, scientists count more than 100,000 different species of mold. They have different colors, shapes, and sizes, and you can’t tell the species unless you can examine them under a microscope.
  4. You don’t have to identify the species, however. Regardless of what type of mold it is, it still must be eliminated. Every type of mold is also dealt with in the same way.
  5. How much mold is too much? There’s really no official guideline as to what constitutes a “dangerous” level of mold in the home. However, it’s a safe rule of thumb that if you can see or smell mold, it’s time to get rid of it.
  6. Exposure to mold can be in several ways. You can breathe in mold spores. You can accidentally touch them. You may even inadvertently ingest them too.
  7. There have been reports of multiple deaths and severe medical conditions caused by mold, though the veracity of these reports has been contested. It is, however, an accepted fact that some people react negatively to the presence of mold. The symptoms they exhibit include a stuffy head and a runny nose, headaches, dry throat, fatigue, and other allergic reactions.
  8. Some people react more strongly to mold than others. There’s no set rule as to why this is. However, it’s been noticed that people with autoimmune conditions tend to be at more risk when they’re exposed to mold. The same is true for the elderly as well as for very young children.
  9. Even if no one inside the home exhibits allergic reactions to mold, it still must be dealt with. It’s just plain ugly, for one thing. It can spread very quickly, and it can erode the paint on your walls and also eat at the foundation of your home.
  10. Chances are that you have mold problems in your home even when you don’t see them yet. According to studies, about 50 to 65 percent of all homes actually have a mold problem.
  11. Mold grows best
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