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5 Fun Cabin Themes

5 Fun Cabin Themes

A relaxing cabin in the woods can be a nice break from everyday life. A fun way to enhance your cabin experience is to personalize your cabin with a theme. Here are five fun ideas for cabin themes.


Bear decor is a popular choice for a rustic cabin look. Bears are cute. They automatically invoke the woods. There are tons of options out there for everything from figurines to wall-art to furniture and children’s decor. And of course, there’s the classic bearskin rug. As a bonus, you’ll have an excuse to welcome all your friends and family to “bearadise.”

Alaskan Wilderness

If you prefer a look that’s a little more on the wild side, consider an Alaskan wilderness theme. There are a lot of great animal-themed decor items to choose from here. Wolves, eagles, polar bears, moose and even marine life like otters and whales make good additions to this theme. Reindeer decor, realistic or Rudolph style, can be a fun choice for a child’s room. You can spruce up your walls by choosing from a vast selection of beautiful artwork based on Alaskan wildlife and wilderness scenes.


If you’d like for your little cabin home in the woods to match its surroundings, a forest theme might work for you. Rustic decor, such as pinecones, logs, berries and leaves can give your cabin that woodsy appearance. If you want to go big, you might incorporate an indoor tree sculpture, tree trunk waterfall or even an actual living tree.

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Some details have the power to make your bathroom look expensive

Some details have the power to make your bathroom look expensive

The bathroom is often the most expensive part of the house to renovate or remodel. That is why it is important to find some hacks that can be used to improve its appearance without spending a fortune. Here are some tricks that can help you make your bathroom look expensive even though it is not.

Make your bathroom look expensive by changing your lighting fixtures

New lighting fixtures might not be the least expensive items you can decorate your bathroom with, but they are always worth the money invested. Remember, changing your lights is also a part of your house improvement project and can add value to your home. We often overlook the importance of overhead lighting in our bathroom. However, you will agree that a bathroom with carefully chosen chandelier looks more luxe than one with built-in led panels. Also, you can make this room look more exclusive by selecting some nice sconces for your bathroom mirror.

A fancy mirror will always do the trick

Why settle for a plain, frameless mirror in your bathroom when you can hang one that can really make a statement and be a reflection of your refined taste? When shopping for a bathroom mirror, you should think outside the box. Your perfect piece is not waiting for you in a local hardware store. Put some more effort in browsing and you will most certainly find the mirror that makes the wow effect. Luckily for you, such a mirror doesn’t have to cost an … Read More

3 Things to Look for in Value-Add Real Estate Investments

3 Things to Look for in Value-Add Real Estate Investments

According to real estate investment professionals like Steven Taylor Landlord, one of the more popular and profitable ways of deciding what apartment building to purchase is to identify value-add opportunities. A value-add situation occurs when an investor locates a property that could benefit from repairs or upgrading of amenities. These repairs or upgrades are completed with the intention of the ability to increase rents or an increase in property value that exceeds the cost of any improvements. Here are three things to look for when identifying a value-add apartment building investment opportunity.

Does the Property Need Updating?

Many apartment buildings have gone for decades without significant upgrades. They may have owners that have chosen to defer maintenance for extended periods of time. When these types of buildings come on the market, they can be significant opportunities for the sophisticated investor.

Ultimately, the investor must be savvy enough to know that the amount they invest in upgrades is going to be less than the expected value of the property after the updates have been completed. The increase in property value could come from greater appraised value or the ability to increase rents.

Are Current Tenants Paying Less Than Market Rates?

Oftentimes, apartment building owners or managers do not increase rents for current tenants in keeping with the market. When a building with low rents comes up for sale, it may be a great opportunity.

Raising rents may be easy in some localities or a serious challenge in rent-controlled areas.


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