7 Ways to Turn Your Drab Bathroom Into Something New

7 Ways to Turn Your Drab Bathroom Into Something New

The bathroom is one of those areas where you want to feel comfortable. In fact, many people are quite particular when it comes to the layout and atmosphere of this pace in the home. If you’re bathroom doesn’t have that perfect aesthetic, there are several ways you can give it new life.


Stonework Flooring

Many homeowners love the idea of placing stone flooring in the bathroom. If natural stone is used, it gives the bathroom a completely different appearance. Even if it’s modeled similar to another, the natural look of rock gives the room a one-of-a-kind feel. This is not to mention that stone floors usually last longer than many other types.


Fixture Overhauls

The bathroom has a wide assortment of fixtures that are changeable. The sink, bathtub, light switches and even the lighting itself can all be installed to promote a specific look. The trick is to make them all mesh well together. In some cases, replacing all of these fixtures converts the room into something unique. You could go so far as to add more elements, such as recessed lighting in the shower.


Wall Renovations

Perhaps one of the most profound ways to alter a bathroom’s appearance is by renovating the walls. While you could add a new coat of paint to give the room a fresh look, it’s not all that is possible. For instance, installing glass tiling gives the room a fresh and modern look while stone tiles gives the room a “grotto” appearance.


Replacing the Counter

The sink counter is another aspect that can greatly change how the room looks. You can install floating counters and cabinets, which do not actually touch the floor. Perhaps a single porcelain basin for the sink will save space in the bathroom. If you prefer, you could simply install a counter that is simply better looking than the last.


New Tub or Shower

Tubs and showers are often changed out to promote style as well as comfort. Some modern designs include a tub that recesses into the floor. Instead of installing a cookie-cutter shower form, you can hire a contractor to build a custom layout. Perhaps you want a shower where water falls from above as in a rain storm. You’re only limited by imagination.


LED Lighting

Using LED lighting gives the bathroom a nice and elegant modern appearance. For example, you could line the bottom of a floating counter with LED lights to emphasize the base. It also helps with midnight trips to the bathroom to see where you’re going without the lights blinding you. Some homeowners will even accentuate the shower with LED strips.


Adding a Skylight

Not everyone feels comfortable with a window looking into a shower from the outside. Luckily, a skylight offers natural light while keeping the room private. This is especially useful for those who have bathrooms with no windows at all. A skylight could easily save a bit of money in electricity because you’re not flipping on the light switch during the day.


One of the beautiful things about owning a home is being able to customize each room to suit a specific need or want. However, you probably don’t want to do this yourself. Bathroom remodeling is a bit more involved than simply ripping out the floor or putting up drywall. Depending on your ideas, it may also involve plumbing and electrical work.

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