5 Fun Cabin Themes

A relaxing cabin in the woods can be a nice break from everyday life. A fun way to enhance your cabin experience is to personalize your cabin with a theme. Here are five fun ideas for cabin themes.


Bear decor is a popular choice for a rustic cabin look. Bears are cute. They automatically invoke the woods. There are tons of options out there for everything from figurines to wall-art to furniture and children’s decor. And of course, there’s the classic bearskin rug. As a bonus, you’ll have an excuse to welcome all your friends and family to “bearadise.”

Alaskan Wilderness

If you prefer a look that’s a little more on the wild side, consider an Alaskan wilderness theme. There are a lot of great animal-themed decor items to choose from here. Wolves, eagles, polar bears, moose and even marine life like otters and whales make good additions to this theme. Reindeer decor, realistic or Rudolph style, can be a fun choice for a child’s room. You can spruce up your walls by choosing from a vast selection of beautiful artwork based on Alaskan wildlife and wilderness scenes.


If you’d like for your little cabin home in the woods to match its surroundings, a forest theme might work for you. Rustic decor, such as pinecones, logs, berries and leaves can give your cabin that woodsy appearance. If you want to go big, you might incorporate an indoor tree sculpture, tree trunk waterfall or even an actual living tree.


You can make your cabin a fisherman’s delight by decorating it with fishing decor. Repurpose some old fishing gear, such as poles, nets and tackle, to make interesting custom wall art. Have your best catch stuffed and hang it on the wall or buy yourself a wooden carving of your favorite fish instead. Waterfowl, such as ducks and geese also make great decorative choices. Boat oars are versatile options for both decorative and functional items, such as shelves or coat racks.


Snowshoe decor can be a great choice for a ski cabin. You can find furniture, lighting fixtures, wall hangings and a variety of other items made from repurposed snowshoes or try your hand at making your own. Skis and ski poles are also popular choices for repurposing into furniture and decorative items. Turn an old sled into a shelf or get adventurous and craft a fun piece of children’s furniture out of an old toboggan.

If one of these themes isn’t the perfect one for your style, create your own. The possibilities are endless, and you can even mix and match to make your cabin space truly your own.