4 Reasons to Consider Phenolic Wheels in Your Business

The invention of the wheel has made our lives substantially easier, and many of us take for granted how many tasks we rely on wheels to complete during our everyday lives. Although wheels of all kinds offer some degree of convenience, not all wheels are equal.

Phenolic caster wheels are a great choice for dozens of applications, and here are three reasons you should consider using them in your business.

1. They Are Significantly Quieter than Other Types of Wheels

Nobody enjoys using a noisy cart or other device, and irritating squeaking or griding noises are most often the result of faulty or failing wheels. Some types of wheels, like steel, tend to make significantly more noise even when they are new and in excellent condition.

Phenolic wheels are incredibly quiet, on the other hand, espeically on concrete or tile floors. This allows your staff, or your customers, to use them in peace.

2. They Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Phenolic wheels also have an upper hand in that they can withstand even the most extreme temperatures. Many phenolic wheels stay steady between -50 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the perfect choice on devices that are used in commercial freezers or hot bakeries.

3. They Can Handle Significant Amounts of Weight

Some businesses don’t need wheels that can bear ultra-heavy loads; in which case, steel or plastic wheels may work just fine. If your business requires your employees or customers to lug around hundreds of pounds in carts or on platforms, phenolic wheels are a far superior choice.

The amount of weight each phenolic wheel can handle largely depends on their specific dimensions, but it’s not uncommon for them to handle several hundred pounds with ease.

4. They Are Extremely Cost-Effective

The actual cost of each wheel differs depending upon specifications, but small phenolic wheels for everyday use often come in at less than $20 per wheel. Larger and more rugged phenolic wheels for more specialized purposes may cost a bit more, around $150 per wheel, but they are still exceptionally cost-effective when compared to other wheels with the same capabilities.

Plus, these types of wheels require very little maintenance, so your maintenance and repair bills are likely to remain low too.

Other types of wheels can be helpful for many applications, but phenolic wheels are quiet, versitile, and cost-effective, and you should definitely consider using them in your business.