4 New Jobs That May Interest You

When you drive through town or across your state, you may see “Help Wanted” signs in many businesses. Perhaps you are restless for something new, but really don’t want to serve fast food. Here are four options that you can be trained to do in just months.

1. Realtor

Are you great at meeting new people and remembering lots of details? As a real estate agent, you will list and show homes and apartments to your clients. In your training, you will learn how to stage residences to show well and how to be a great listener. You will be helping families find their dream home, does that sound exciting?

2. Heavy Equipment Operator

If you were that child that loved to play with Tonka trucks and know the name of every kind of construction equipment, it may be time to learn to drive a real one. You can be trained to be one of the equipment drivers or forklift operators Upland CA that help move heavy things every day.

3. Court Reporter

If you are a great listener and have excellent writing skills, you may be a natural in this profession. As a court reporter, you would transcribe all that is said at trials, hearings and depositions. You will use your ability to concentrate and focus on details. After being trained at your local community college or through another program, you may need to complete some training on the job and be certified through your state.

4. Massage Therapist

If you have your high school diploma and are ready to spend a few months studying how to help people relax, then massage therapy may be an ideal program for you. After you are trained, you will be able to assist clients through many types of massage to relieve their tension and lower their pain. Your state may require you to be licensed.

If you are ready for a career change, go for it. You may begin to whistle on your way to work.