3 Reasons Ham Radio is Still a Worthwhile Hobby

3 Reasons Ham Radio is Still a Worthwhile Hobby

Although ham radio (also known as “amateur radio”) had its heyday in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, the hobby never went away entirely. Even with the advent of the Internet, ham radio has managed to retain a healthy base of interest. While it’s true that ham radio’s star has largely been eclipsed by the Worldwide Web, it’s still a very fulfilling hobby. Anyone who’s currently on the fence about trying their hand at amateur radio is urged to consider the following advantages.

1. Meeting New People

Long before chat rooms and social media outlets came along, people were connecting with one another via ham radio. To this day, amateur radio is frequently used as a means for meeting like-minded individuals and forming lasting friendships. If you’re interested in broadening your friendship base, ham radio can provide you with a fantastic outlet through which to do so. To ensure that you’re able to reach as many operators as possible, make sure to procure a top-of-the-line console with a high-quality absorptive filter.

2. Expressing Your Personal Creativity

Getting a ham radio license can also provide you with an outlet to express your personal creativity. Operating your own amateur radio station will enable you to share your favorite music, as well as your thoughts and opinions on various subjects, with anyone who cares to listen. Anyone who’s eager to make their voice heard should procure the latest edition of the ARRL handbook and start studying for their licensing exam.

3. Educating Yourself

In order to legally operate a ham radio console in the U.S., you’ll need to acquire a license. These licenses come in three different varieties – technician, general and amateur extra class – and each one is associated with different privileges. In order to pass the various licensing exams, you’ll need to study with the official ARRL handbook and a working ham console. In addition to helping you earn your license, studying will teach you a great deal about the inner workings of radio consoles, as well as assorted bands and frequencies.

Even though it isn’t talked about much anymore, ham radio is a hobby that’s enjoyed by millions of operators the world over. So if you’ve ignored amateur radio in favor of the Internet, it may be in your best interest to give it a second look. If you’re looking for a hobby that will help you make friends, express your personal creativity and educate yourself, ham radio should be right up your alley.

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