3 Great Ways To Add a Waterfall Feature to Your Backyard

It’s no secret that waterfalls are a feast for the senses. If you didn’t think you could incorporate this great feature into your backyard, think again. Here are three great tips for integrating a dynamic waterfall into your backyard landscape design.

1. Add a Small Pond

No room to install a full-scale water feature? No problem – you can capture the beauty of moving water with a small-scale feature as well. Create a small pond by hiding aeration systems behind a small mound of rocks over a shallow pool. Filled with water, you’ll have a tiny waterfall that can fit into even a small corner of your yard.

2. Enhance a Swimming Pool

There are many ways to design a landscape waterfall, but one of the best is to incorporate it into the design of a swimming pool. Use a waterfall to recirculate pool water through the filtration system. The water will flow down the rock faces and back into the pool, combining the natural appearance of a rock-face waterfall with the sophisticated luxury of a backyard swimming pool.

3. Design a Tropical Lagoon

If you live in a warm environment, go for a tropical landscape theme by adding a restful lagoon to your backyard. Create a pond surrounded by tropical plant species and use a water pump that lets water flow at a slow speed, giving your waterfall a slow trickle effect that creates quite a different sound and vibe than louder, rushing water. Overall, the mood created is one of tropical tranquility, giving you that vacation feel whenever you step out your back door.

When it comes to adding enchanting elements to a landscape, there’s nothing quite like a dynamic waterfall. Use these tips to create your new water feature and you’ll be able to enjoy the wonder of moving water every day.