The Benefits Of Using Compressed Air Filters

Today’s industrial world is a fast-paced world indeed. By today’s standards, manufacturers are under ever-increasing pressure to create their products more quickly with greater efficiency and with lower overall costs. While this may not be able to be done on every facet as much as investors would like, the workload can still be lightened by simply using a high-quality and top-notch air compressor. One of the key solutions to keeping an air compressor running smoothly is by using Donaldson compressed air filters. Why is this so? Well, here are just a few of the many benefits that any industrial company can hope to see by using air filters.

1. The actual air compressor itself will be greatly protected when using filters. This is because unfiltered air can actually result in dirty air clogging up the various moving parts on the compressor itself. Contaminants which are naturally found in unfiltered air can also cause corrosion, which can spell death to the various tubing and fittings which all air compressors have.

2. The Donaldson compressed air filters will ensure the complete efficiency of the compressor itself. By making sure that the air is both clean and dry, the compressor will suffer from much less downtime than would be previously allocated to compressors which are running without the aid of air filters.

3. Since compressed air is necessarily pressurized to be greater than that of traditional atmospheric air, any loss or leakage of air will obviously cause a loss of power and perhaps even complete system shutdown. The use of filters will ensure that the pressure will not leak out and the air pressure is as it should be.

As you can see, if you running a business in an industrial setting, not using air filters is far more detrimental than the initial cost of outfitting air compressors with the filters. Don’t let your equipment fall into a state of malfunction and disrepair.